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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by The Cutting Edge, Aug 14, 2007.

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    If all info proved to be true in the company description, I feel you made a good decision. Please keep us posted on how things are goin. I may be looking to do the same thing soon.
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    Hey guys things are going great a little more stressful than I thought but areation season is here andthe guys and I have been at it a good 10 hours a day.. As of right now all of the customers are still with me but I know of two that I will be letting go after this season.. One is just a PITA and the other property is just to risky... I know that next spring is going to be insane with all the mowing and mulching that will have to be done but we are looking foward to it!!!! I was thinking of hiring a part time crew for the mulching, I don't know what do you guys think of that? I know that leaves will be falling soon here so we are getting ready for that. I am leaving right now to go buy a 20 horse billy goat leaf loader from a guy up in Columbus. Gotta go for now Jesse
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    Glad to hear it's working out for you.
    I ran into an odd situation this year myself. Last fall talked with a guy that talked about getting out of the business. Had 25 accounts reasonably good ones, an 05 2wd tundra, 16' tandem trailer, new Everide Warrior 60", two year old 48" Exmark wb and various samll tools, trimmers etc.
    He is very fussy with quality of work and maintains equipment like new but was getting out because he was getting into his wifes business with her.

    Anyway, I told him I would be interested if he made the decision, Asking price $30,000

    This year I find out he is in fact getting out of the busniness but basically was just selling the equipment if I was interested but wouldn't sell customer list??????????

    He just told the customers about a couple of other guys in the business, but didn't recommend anyone in particular.

    I told him I was interested in the whole thing if he would write a letter to all customers recommending my co. but he would have nothing to do with it. He figured they could make there own choice but he would sell the equipment.

    He sold the pickup and trailer to a good friend of mine and finally sold the Everide for $4,800 (cheap) but still has the Exmark

    Does this make sense to any of you? It sure didn't to me
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    His reputation.

    Same thing happened around here in window cleaning. The guy retired, had money and a co. with a great reputation even though they were expensive. He had the residential part of it and personally phoned.. I think they had about 450 residential customers, he told them he's retiring and good bye.

    The guys ex customers told me that he told them, he couldn't recommend anyone as a replacement.

    lots of clowns in business, lots of classy people too but which is which?

    The other parts of that co., that were commercial ended up in one of the sons hands. 5 years and the best window cleaning co. I ever worked for (i worked there a LONG time ago) were out of business. The son lost his drivers license for DUI and ended up working in Walmart.
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    Funny thing was, I have been in this business longer than anyone else in the area and do excellent quality work. We are known for atd "Attention To Detail) and in the past he has recommended us to others before he was doing it or when the job was to big for him.


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