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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by presnallawncare, Jun 21, 2012.

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    I have a customer who wants some bushes trimmed in his backyard the only problem is I am not sure what they are and also they dont really seem to need it. Any help identifying them and advice on how to prune/trim them would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.




  2. Think Green

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    #1 looks like a cleyera japonica growing in the shade thus the green foliage. In the sun it will have red foliage and is the preferred plant over Red tip photina's.
    #2 looks very much like a crape myrtle......possibly a dynamite since it is real popular.

    Man those are some massive beds with little to no plants in stalled. However, the cleyera can be snip pruned on the out branches to create a compact appearance. They will grow back fast.
    The crape myrtles don't need pruning as they should be on the set to flowering this time of the season. I do not prune or trim crapes until fall. If any type of clipping is done, it is to remove lower stems, or limbs from the base in the case of well manicured crape trees.

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