Help Identify This Plant

Mark Stark

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Rochester, NY
Found this plant at my in laws house. They live about an hour south of Buffalo. Looks like Yucca but I didn't think that was something that would grow around here. Father in law says it blooms white fragrant flowers. Bloomed in July. Flowers lasted a few weeks.


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Winston-Salem NC
Those are the seed pods. Yucca's are a POS as far as looks go but when they flower that flower looks exceptional. And they flower very infrequently. (at least around here)

That plant knows it's in the wrong place and those numerous pods are a response to its environment. It's trying to propagate/survive. It can grow there but its hurting. The shelter from the house is keeping that yucca alive.

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USDA Zone 6a

Mark Oomkes

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Grand Rapids, MI
They grow fairly well around here as well. And flower regularly.