Help Identify This Tree

Discussion in 'Fertilizers, Pesticides and Diseases' started by, May 12, 2013.

  1. LawnSite Senior Member
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    Its the one on the left hand side, any info would be great. I found it on google but no name, and I can't seem to find it anywhere.

  2. hi_speedreed

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    Hard to tell. The leaves kinda resemble fig or sassafras. when I zoom in it gets blurry on me.
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  3. LawnSite Senior Member
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    I know it stays slender and upright, I've seen it used for screening and hedging. I'll take the picture to a nursery and see if they know.
  4. Smallaxe

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    Looks familiar, but I'm terrible with names... plz let us know what you find out...

    I think it may have been highlighted on the PBS gardening shows over this past winter , but who knows??? :)
  5. Think Green

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    Not slamming you at all, but if you are at a grower and you can't find anyone to name a plant or tree, then don't buy from them. I go to wholesale nurseries often and each tree-plant is labeled.
  6. LawnSite Senior Member
    from Ontario
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    The nursery didn't have that tree, that's why they didn't know. I have since found out the its a dawyck gold beech, but thanks for the info. Actually the wholesaler I go to has nothing labelled.

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