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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by jonspolaris, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. jonspolaris

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    I mother owns a condo that hires TG/CL to fertalize the lawns. I was walking around the lawn and noticed that it is farily thin in parts and the color is awfull. The lawn is irrigated. I am over there a lot and have watched TG fertalize the lawns. It seems the put down mostly high N product.

    What can I put down to thicken up and improve the color of the lawn? I really would like to make it a deeper green color.
    In many areas it looks pretty sad.
  2. indyturf

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    You don't want to put anything down with much nitrogen, but something with higher P K numbers. maybe 6-24-24 would help. but fireing TG would be the best thing!
  3. hmartin

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    Just hire someone do the job right in the first place. The grass will thank you by being beautiful.
  4. Tscape

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    I would start with Milorganite 6-2-0. Where in MI are you?
  5. jonspolaris

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    I agree about firing TG. You must realize that our local TG branch loves Condos. The people on the board are very gullable. At a recent meeting the rep from TG was there. He told the people that their lawns were doing fine and dident have any crabgrass. Now last year there were full of crabgrass, but the residents dident even know what crabgrass looks like. Most all the board members are in there 80-90's and take the word of the TG rep as the gosple. Most of the residents including board members dont even know what to expect in terms of a quality lawn job.

    They also paid TG to spray the shrubs this year for spidermites. Well I see her neighbor has spidermites on his shrub.

    Would adding Iron to the lawns help with the color? I really want it to be thick and deep green.
    thanks for the help.
    Turfscape LLC, we are in Port Huron.
  6. Prolawnservice

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    No quick fix, it will take some time to repair. Adding composted organic material will help.
  7. J Hisch

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    First, what Kind of turf is it? If it is KY 31 it will never get the deep green you may be looking for, if not then follow the above mentioned post. This is a big problem in my area, some homes have turf type fescue and other have KY 31 and customer dont understand why there lawn is never as green as across the street.
  8. Neal Wolbert

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    Organic Lawn...What's wrong with a quick fix (liquid chelated iron) to improve the site first? That would give time to consider the long term solution and it's higher costs. Remember the American public expects things quickly, hence the popularity of quick release fertilizers and companies that promise the same. Your thoughts? Neal
  9. Chris Wagner

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    Is her condo in Michigan, too? So I'd guess bluegrass, ryegrass, and/or fescue.

    In any case, try more micro nutrients. Chemlawn is known for their high N level... sometimes 46-0-0. Since you said they irrigate as well, chances are that stuff is rolling through your turf really fast. Give is a nice balanced granular fert with some iron and that should help the thickness and overall green color.
  10. philly4152

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    If you do it yourself don't have trugreen come back out. If your putting stuff down and they are too any number of things can happen, all not healthy. There is no quick fix, but the quickest for the color would be iron, since they are already pelting it with high nitro stuff anyway.

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