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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by bsmithalc, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. bsmithalc

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    I've read numerous posts on fertilizer pricing and alot of other topics and have found great info. I refrained from posting a while back because I read someone else's post say "just do a search, this is brought up everyday". So I think I've read just about every post on this forum. Now was wondering a few things. I currently work as a property manager for a guy. I do everything you can think of including mow, fert & weed control, any landscaping, anuy irrigation. I also do landscape designs on the side.

    That being said I was approached by someone the other day that wanted me to put them on a fert program. I told them sure, let me come out and take a look and I'd see if I could do it. I just wanted to see if my prices seemed right or way off.

    1) Let me preface by saying that I have virtually no overhead (feel free to correct), my boss said it was ok if I used the spreader so I won't have to go out and buy one.
    2) I can get a 50lb. bag of 19-0-11 fert w/pre-m from Lesco for around $19. Bag will cover 12k. Price pre foot=0.001583cent per sq.ft.
    3)Cost of fert for yard= $23.28 (sorry, yard is 14,700 sq.ft)
    4) I'm coming up with $44.25 per app. Seems way low. I know I left out some intangibles and I may be doing this completely wrong. That's why I figured I'd ask you guys for help. I've read to not compare your prices with trugreens but I called anyway because they are really the only ones around here doing this and they quoted it as $81-86 per app. Mine is almost half that. See my prob. Any help or suggestions would be great. TIA! By the way I do have my apllicators license.
  2. bsmithalc

    bsmithalc LawnSite Member
    from Alabama
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    gracias senor's:clapping:
  3. indyturf

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    sounds a little low, I would charge $65-$70 at the lowest. if you have low overhead let it put more $ in your pocket and build your business on quality and not low price!
  4. bsmithalc

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    from Alabama
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    thank you indy. when I have more time I will post how I came up with that price.
  5. TurfProSTL

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    Our price would be $65.00 per application
  6. bsmithalc

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    from what I've got on here this is how I came up with my price

    1)cost of bag ($19) x sq.ft. on bag (12,000)=price per sq.ft (.001583 cents)

    2)price per sq.ft. (.001583) x sq.ft. in the yard (14,700)= cost of fert for yard ($23.28)

    3)Now figure hours to fert x hourly rate + cost of fert yard= $43.71
    (.75hrs) ($35/hr) ($23.28)

    $43.71 per app. Somewhere in there depending on what exactly I will be applying I know, look for it to shift a little when applying pre-m and so forth. Any thoughts?:confused:

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