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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by ffemtlawnboy, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. ffemtlawnboy

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    alrighty everyone, like other people on here i have been lurking in the shadows reading up. i am 25 and have been truly cutting grass since i was 14, started on a golf course. when i turned 18 a got some equipment and about 25 accounts that i did on the side while working a full time job. then i got on with a fire department in the outer banks and moved. i want to get back into and real soon, only this time i want everything to be totally legitimate. does anyone have any experience with doing a sole proprietorship in NC? and how about liability insurance down here to? you all have posted some great feedback and can't wait to get some help to get this thing off the ground and running.
  2. Paulup

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    I'm not in NC, so I'll give you the generic start up advice.

    Go to your Secretary of State's website, find the forums to start an LLC, fill them out and have them notarized and mail them in with the fee(around 75 bucks).

    Go to and get your EIN. Its simple, but your company must be officially formed with the secretary of state.

    Open a bank account, you will need your ID, your EIN, and the good standing notice from the Sec. of State.

    Insurance, go talk to a few local agents. Find one you're happy with and seems to be the most helpful, even if the premium is slightly higher then the others. If you plan to cut commercial, expect to carry 1mil+ in general liability.

    Get your equipment and start building accounts. You know how to do all that from your past experience.
  3. ffemtlawnboy

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    thank you for your insight paul. i guess you are right i just need to get it done i looked on the web last night for some insurance info. does anyone have any dealings with progressive?
  4. progressivelawncare

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    i am 26 and in nc first year full time lco for me. here's what i did in order.
    1. got liability insurace from local nationwide agent, very helpful in getting me the right coverage i recomend them highly.
    2. got ein from irs web site
    3. opened bank account in dba name.
    4. i didn't know about registering a dba with the local REGISTER OF DEEDS office but i called yesterday evening and am going monday.
    5. next i want to form an llc as quick as i can for liability reasons.

    yes you should get your dba filed first to avoid any embarasing last minute name changes!
  5. kleankutslawn

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    a guess youhave the needed luck on starting up!
  6. ffemtlawnboy

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    where is jefferson?? and yes i have all my information lined up, except i am in the process right now of writing my business plan. as for doing llc, i would really like to get that done, but money and tax wise i don't foresee it getting done until i have a good number of accounts. currently i am a career firefighter/emt, so getting back into it fits my schedule perfect and no boss to tell me how to do it or when to do it.
  7. progressivelawncare

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    about as far northwest in nc as you can get i actually live about 3 miles from va and 6 miles from tn. good luck. FYI: i have alot of luck advertising door to door, face to face.
  8. ffemtlawnboy

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    how about business plans??? has anyone had to write one up? i have an investor lined up that wants to be a silent partner but does not want to go thru the process of a limited partnership. what do y'all think i should do?

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