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help installing sod


LawnSite Member
st.louis, mo
Would someone be so kind and go over the best way for me to install new zoysia sod on one of my customers yard. There is about 10ft x 10ft area that she wants sodded. What are the best ways to remove the old lawn, proper preperation and installation of the new sod. Thanks for all the help.
One approach is to till the area up, rake it to remove any roots or other debris, level it and roll it to firm it up. That is not a very big area, the sod farms around her don't sell less than a pallet of sod. A pallet usually covers about 504 sq ft. Plus you can't get any Zoysia sod cut until after it warms up and start growing well in the spring, it won't stay together.

Starling Lawn

LawnSite Member
You could use a sod cutter,the small ryan4.Or if you`re ambitious,use a sharp spade.Rich is right about warmer weather.
Rich,I only figure 450 sq.ft.per pallet given that some pieces will be bad.