Help - Is This a Reasonable Price for This Work??

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Widow, Jul 22, 2009.

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    I’d be interested in knowing whether $1500 is a reasonable price for the following work by a couple of guys just out of college who have recently started a rock cleaning and light landscaping business.

    I have a wide area on the backyard side of my house between the side fence and the house which is done in small cobble. A brand new stamped concrete walkway winds through it. The rocked areas on both sides of the walkway are about 6’ at the widest and tapering down to 3’ at the narrowest and 50’ long on both sides. The rocked areas probably total about 500-600 sq. ft. - tops. They will do the following work:

    ---Install about 50’ of French drain down the fence line (I supply the materials). “Soil” is clay.
    ---Remove rock and clean it using a machine they’ve invented/patented (dry cleaning, not wet).
    ---Remove existing landscape fabric.
    ---Level out the surface, including filling in 4” wide trenches along the walkway used for the concrete forms.
    ---Lay new landscape fabric. There are two small ornamental trees, 4 small bushes (2' x 2') and about 8 very small daylilies to work around. Also an AC unit. They supply the fabric.
    ---Respread the cleaned rock.

    There is also another area of about 100 sq. ft. which is included in the price which is directly adjacent (separated by fence) but on the front yard side of the house. There are three lilac bushes there.

    Thanks so very much for your thoughts!!
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    This is my 8th year in business, and when it comes to big money jobs I am no
    more inclined than you are to sticking my neck out...

    Either party could get into some serious trouble, we're not talking 50 or 100 dollars and even that's
    big enough money to get right pissed off about...
    What if the job doesn't turn out, what if the costs run up, what if after 3 weeks it's still not finished...

    The list goes on, but I gather you don't even know these kids?
    I guess we all have to start somewhere and unless you know of someone experienced to do the job...

    But the way I handle these jobs is in small, bite size chunks.
    I usually start out at $100 a week, and if that's not enough then we can go $200 and if that's still not enough
    I'll gladly do 4 and 500 a week worth of work, but ...
    Before we stick our necks out over $500, I'll do 1-200 worth and then we talk about it.
    Because I want your feedback as a customer, how do you like the work, and so on?

    For another I get paid before anything else gets done, and it protects you as well.

    This project?
    You want it done yesterday, then what they quote you is a fair price.
    You got time, couple of weeks or so, maybe it is, maybe not.

    Have a nice day.

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    you could get a couple diffrent quotes for the job and see how they match up. see if those guys have any references

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