's taking over my lawn!!!!!

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by mechman28104, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. mechman28104

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    I took some pics of this weed that has just now started to show up in my lawn. I presumed it was crabgrass and treated it with Ortho's Crab Grass Killer. I put it on heavier than usual and it didn't even phase it. Usually, it would at least turn a little yellow, but nothing this time. So is it Crabgrass or is it something else? I live in Charlotte NC. Please help me kill or at least suppress it from getting worse. Thanks...

  2. Victor

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    Take a close look at one of the blades and let us know if you see lines, or "grooves running along the blades of that weed. If you do see grooves in the blades, it's tall fescue. Smooth crabgrass can look similar to that, but when I look at the width of the blades, it makes me think you've got tall fescue there. That would explain the lack of efficacy from the crabgrass killer. It's not formulated to kill tall fescue.
  3. heybruck34

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    Looks like crabgrass to me. Did you put down an pre-emergent in the spring?

    Try Drive 75, it works really well. Mix according to the label and watch it die. Some of the tougher varieties may take a couple apps to die.

    The key is pre-emergent in the spring. I do mine in Valentines Day and Tax Day.

    Good luck.
  4. RAlmaroad

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    Don't know about anyone else, but by the time crabgrass germinates, pre-em has done it work and not very effective on crabgrass. I've gone to putting Dimension and Fertilize down as late as possible (last two weeks of May) to control crabgrass. I do put down a round of just pre-em (0-0-7) in February. Nothing is certain but this helps. The good solution is to do a second round of pre-em with your summer fertilizer. Crabgrass is touch and since it does not germinate until July makes all pre-em pale.
  5. turfsolutions

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    It also looks like crabgrass to me.

    Drive is a post emergant, I think he was suggesting in the future apply a pre emergant.
  6. task125

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    I have the same problem up here in NJ,I just bought some drive, I think I will try it this week.
  7. heybruck34

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    Turfsolutions was correct. I should have written more clearly.

    I put down Dimension on my lawns Feb 15th and April 15th and it has all but eliminated 99% of crabgrass except in certain tough areas. Drive works for cleaning up those spots.
  8. lordohturf

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    Amen to split applications of Pre emergence. As for Drive, it works best when the plant is very young or when it's mature. The "in-between" stage of growth, Drive doesn't work so well. Acclaim will also do a nice job on Crabgrass. .......... and yes the picture sure looks like crabgrass!

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