Help. Kawi not charging.

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    i have a 19 hp (601v) kawasaki motor on a 52"cut hustler. Just rebuilt the motor. Since rebuilding , the battery has not been charging.checked the stator and no power coming from it. Replaced it, and my battery is still not charging. Could it be the magnets on the flywheel or am i missing something. Can you replace just the magnets or do you have to replace the whole flywheel. Thanks for your help.
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    The Magnets would be toward the last thing I look at. I would look at your Regulator and the charging wires. I don't have a book infront of me but believe it's the purple wire going into the reg. Make sure it's clean and secure. Go to, get your manual and recheck your wiring on the engine after the rebuild. I'm thinking something got overlooked.

    Brian O
  3. beebop

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    ok. thanks. but I do have to ask. I checked wires coming from new stator with volt meter,still showing no power coming through. I am not a mech.,know enough to get myself in trouble. do you check power from stator from both sides of wire connector, or each individual side to ground.maybe I am checking it wrong.????

    thanks in advance.

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