help ! Kubota needs mor power


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Hey Guys , You might think im crazy. Im new to this site and was wondering if any one knew any tricks to boost the power on a 97 Kubota b2100 hsd 4x4 , 3 cyl diesel. It is a great machine but with a 60" deck when the grass gets deap and Im going up a good hill you can feel it realy bogging down. I have replaced the fuel filter and air filters hoping that would help but no luck. Can you buy a power adder for a tractor? Like a turbo or bigger injectors? Its so easy to boost the power of my ford PSD truck i would think you can do something to a tractor. Any Ideas please let me know.


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The injector pump may be able to be tweaked to provide a little more power, but if your tractor doesn't have enough power, consider buying a bigger one with more power.


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The biggest problem with low power on the 'bota diesels is incorrect valve adjustment. Adjust the valve clearances and if that doesnt do the trick, pull the injectors and have them tested at an injector shop. Also clean the screen in the fuel pump inlet. Are you running on road or off road fuel? Also be VERY careful about doing any kind of "tweaking" to the fuel injection pump. One lil wrong turn of the screw and you'll have a run away.