HELP!! Lawn Care Plan for Someone living in Virginia

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by pglover19, Sep 15, 2007.

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    I need help in designing a lawn care plan for my yard. I am been trying alot of different things for the last five years, but nothing seems to work very well. I am trying to get the best yard in the neighboorhood. I have tall fescue turf in Richmond, VA. The size of my yard including front and back is around 22,000 sq ft (3/4 of an acre). I have a sprinkler system in the front and back and water religiously. I mow my lawn regularly. I have used the following plan below this year which consist mostly of the LESCO products. I have used the SCOTTS products in the past. Please provide me feedback on the plan and things I need to change. If the plan needs to be totally scratched and a new one developed, please do so. Once again, I am trying to get the most pristine, greenest lawn in the neighboorhood.

    March: Lesco Crabgrass Pre-emergent w/ Fertilizer (#088555)

    March: Lesco Snapshot or Preen in the Mulch Beds

    April: Lesco 3-way Selective Herbicide

    Late April: Lesco Crabgrass Pre-emergent w/ Fertilizer (#088555)

    April: Milky Spore

    June: Ironite or Lesco Iron Plus (#080300)

    July: Lesco 3-way Selective Herbicide

    August: Milky Spore

    September: Aerate and Reseed with Lesco TriGold Transition Blend Certified Tall Fescue Seed

    October: Lime
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    I am not familiar with Virginia's weather but here's my guess. 22k square feet is 1/2 acre. I would move the July 3-way herbicdie to the fall around the end of September or early October. You can spot spray weeds in between time. Also I see no fertilizer in the fall. You should be applying 2/3-3/4 or so of your fertilizer in the fall. That means hitting it around Labor Day, First week October and first of November. Fertilize lightly in the spring. Someone in your area can help you better though....where is Topsites from?
  3. ACutAboveNC

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    Check out a company called Helena. They have a much more comprehensive program for tall fescue than that of Lesco. I am thinking that Richmond is Zone 7 and you might want to think about using a summer stress relieve and maybe even a product called Sustane or Eco Pro Mate. The last 2 products have made a world of difference in my yard and my service customers. That 3 way in July might also be causing you some burn potential with the high temps, you might want to switch to a Momentum or Battleship 3. Also, do you winterize and take soil samples?
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    Does Helena have a website? I am trying to check to see if they have a location in Richmond, VA.
  5. ACutAboveNC

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  6. pglover19

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    Please make suggestions on improvements of this lawn care program for 2008.
  7. RigglePLC

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    Richmond is a little cooler than Norfolk, right? And what were the problems you had last year that prevented perfection? Above ideas are excellent. I would shift the crabgrass control to earlier. Put it down when soil temp hits 50--OR--when air temp first hits 80--OR between the second and fifth mowing. Apply a second crabgrass control about 6 to 8 weeks later.

    Do you have weed problems? Crabgrass? Grubs? Acid soil? Pale color? Shade? Fungus? Nutgrass? Armadillos?

    Perhaps you should switch to premium weed control like Eliminate. Or switch to a more effective grub control like Merit. If you have acid soil you probably do not need iron.
  8. Smith Lawn & Landscaping

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    Like riggle said above i would definitely switch to Merit for grub control it works alot better than most. You need to continue to fertilize all the way up to November and sometimes depending on the situation even December. In Portsmouth,Va we do 6 service fertilizer programs. Started with the 36-0-12 which is a slow release fertilizer. And in the fall we boost it up to the 36-0-10 which is quicker release. Also i personally would change the 3 way to a more induced herbicide cause like A cut above said its more suseptable to a chemical burn. If your having problems with Nutsedge i would recommend trying Mancozeb. If you have any questions just pm me and good luck.
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    Milky spore is a waste of time and money. You could kill more grubs with an aerator.:drinkup:

    As pointed out earlier 22K is half acre(you maybe applying to much or to little product.)

    Our program:

    15-2-5 30 % SCU
    with.10 Dimension @ .5 lb. N per K rate

    5-0-17 5% FE
    with .15 Dimension @ .19 lb. N per K rate

    39-0-0 100% SCU @ .5 lb. N per K rate

    Pelletized Lime @ 15 lbs. per K rate

    32-5-7 50% SCU @ 1.0 lb. N per K rate

    46-0-0 UREA @ 1.0 lb. N per K rate

    46-0-0 UREA @ 1.0 lb. N per K rate
    TOTAL N 4.19 lb. N ​
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    Can you provide dates for each application. Do you use Lesco products? So this program is applicable to Virginia.

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