Help! Lazer HP or Chariot Jr.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LeanGreen, Mar 14, 2000.

  1. LeanGreen

    LeanGreen LawnSite Member
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    I need some advice folks. Just getting in to the business, and had pretty much settled on the Exmark Lazer HP 48&quot; with 19 kaw. Just happened to stop at semi-local shop and noticed they now carried the Great Dane line. They pushed the Chariot Jr. as a much better unit than the Lazer HP, althought they did not give me specifics (admittedly, I was in a rush). Said the Chariot Jr. was a step up from the HP. Here is my comparison (both are 48&quot; with 19 Kaw engines):<br>Exmark<br>+ 4 dealer within 35 miles.<br>+ good comments from most you that have em.<br>+ swing in control levers (I just like them).<br>+ good price $6000 even for a '99 with 0 hrs.<p>- Looks lighter gauge than chariot (odd that the weight is almost same &lt;per brochure&gt;.<br>- not sure if deck is full 7 guage or not.<br>- 7 guage welded, not tubular like big Z.<p>Chariot Jr.<br>+ Feels a little better balanced (engine out back?).<br>+ Cheaper accessories (mulching kit, bagging etc)<br>+ Parking brake (does HP have one?).<p>- $400 more ($6400).<br>- Center steering controls (not a big deal)<br>- One dealer that I know of, and only started carying them 2 years ago.<br>- my lack of information on the company, reliablity, servicability etc. (other than Dane Scag started this company). <p>Questions:<p>1. How are those prices?<br>2. Any clear advantages of one over the other?<br>3. Any ergonomic issues?<br>4. General thoughts from you pros?<br> <br>Your help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Lazer

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    Dealers CAN BE so full of *&^%.<p>I really think you've done a good comparison. They're both nice machines.<p>I like the center steering of the Chariot. I like the floating rollers of the HP. I think the Exmark may cut a little nicer and I do like their new bagger kit for spring clean-ups.<p>I don't think you could go wrong with either one. <p>I would choose the best dealer. (An honest one!)
  3. slagerlawncare

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    i just bought my equipment (lazer--YES!)from a dealer that is 72 miles away...why? because he's the only one (out of about 10) that didn't try to jam something down my throat. take your time and look around.
  4. LeanGreen

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    Thanks Lazer. Good point on the bagger. i will have to check it out. Confused on the rollers though. Did you mean floating or adjustable? I notice they are ajustable on the HP (3 positons?), didn't check the chariot. As far as the decks, both look to be good at floating (each having a chain link connection). One other thing. I think the HP may have a slightly better warranty... 2 year on drive system, don't think Dane has that (damn, I wish Great dane had a real web site).
  5. DTM65

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    Isn't Great Dane Company started by the ex-founder of Scag. I would just research the company history a little to make sure they'll be around to buy parts from. (You don't want to buy a &quot;DeLorean&quot; or an &quot;Excelsior-Henderson&quot;.)<p>I haven't heard anything negative, but I'm saying you outta check.<br><p>----------<br>D. Tom<br>
  6. slagerlawncare

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    dane scag...<br>matter of fact i'm going to open house thursday where he'll be at for 4 hours.<br>maybe i can add something later..
  7. MowerUp

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    from NC
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    I have a Great Dane Chariot - the big one. I love the thing. I have about 80 hours on it and bought it new. I think it is very well built. I haven't had any problems other than one spring breaking.
  8. Grassboy

    Grassboy LawnSite Member
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    Hey LeanGreen,<p>That is almost exactly the same story w/ me, except for the fact that I right away decided on the Lazer HP. I did this because my friend and I worked together last season, and he own a Lazer Z HP 48&quot; 19hp Kawasaki, and it is one heck of a machine!!!!! It mulches so good, I can't even explain the quality of the cut. I am now in process of buying the same mower for my own business. I have looked into GreatDane too much, but I know that brand new brands of mowers usually end up w/ recalls because of one flaw or another in the design. They are normally this way because when a brand first comes out they haven't been able to perfect their design by getting feedback from people like us that use them. GO WITH THE EXMARK LAZER HP. It's an amazing mower. How are you getting that good of a price for it? 6000? That is a great price for a Lazer! <p>The dealer I talked with did the exact same thing. He really was pushing me towards the Great Danes. I am not sure, but I think that Great Dane must be some how cutting some deals with the dealers to make them do that. That is kind of odd that your dealer did the same thing, especially because the Great Dane simply isn't near as good as the Exmark. I don't know what's up w/ that. Oh well, Hope I could help!!! <p>Grassboy
  9. LeanGreen

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    Thanks for info Grassboy. Yeh, I had chalked the trash talk up to the general attitude of the saleswoman (she had a lot of attitude and opinions in general). One more point of clarification for this group. The Lazer HP is a 1999 model. Were there any (design) changes or fixes to the 2000 model that were substitive (other than the very important $18 cupholder option, which I hear is backwardly compatable... Too Cool)?
  10. scottlawns

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    just wondering why you all dont look into the great dane surfer...goes under trees...its fast...its reliable and its cheaper...even though you stand on the back it is very comftorable and i think its a great i just think you should demo it...i love mine.

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