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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by OKSooner, Oct 13, 2012.

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    On a budget here and can't afford a 5yo truck like I'd really like to pull my big trailer.

    Looking at a '98 Dodge 3500, cummins diesel w/manual transmission. About 240,000 miles. Looks like it's been taken care of but it has a big exhaust pipe STICKING UP OUT OF THE BED BEHIND THE CAB! Is this some kinda jake brake thing or just a redneck exhaust pipe? Bad idea?

    How much would it cost to put a real exhaust pipe back in it and weld a plate into the bed to cover the hole?

    (Or should I just go find another one?)

    Also found a '98 Dodge 2500 4wd V10... has some rust but owner says it's in good mechanical shape, which would suit me just fine if true. The price on this truck is "much less" than the 3500. What's the deal with this engine? I know it was discontinued several years ago. What kinda gas mileage could I expect with and without my trailer? (Or should we say mile gassage, how many gallons to the mile?)

    Any known maintenance/reliability issues with the V10?

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    Can't speak on the v10, maybe Goldpro will comment as he has one.

    The Cummins sounds like it has stacks on it, which imho means it probably has some other aftermarket parts such as tuner, intake, etc. I had an '04 cummins and had nothing but issues due to the tuner and stuff so i sold the truck. To me, and again my opinion, there is nothing heavy duty about a dodge truck. Some guys love them and thats great, I just didnt have a good experience. Stay away from trucks that have been hot-rodded especially if you need them for your business. Adding stock or other exhaust to the truck isn't expensive at all, just in case you buy the truck.

    Good luck with your search.
  3. precision8m

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    The Cummins is a great motor. Taken care of, they will last forever. A mild tuner or mods wont hurt a diesel engine, but an aggressive one will call for some parts needing to be replaced eventually. IMO, never buy a gasser in a heavy duty truck. You get better mileage and life out of a diesel engine.

    If the cummins is priced well, I would jump on it and change the exhaust. They go for a pretty penny in my parts and are great trucks.
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    Not sure how far into OK you are but here are a couple of older CTD on CL in Dallas that are more likely to not have been hot rodded like a truck rigged up with a stack. Most of the Diesels that are raced or sled pull have stacks so that would be an immediate sign to run the other way imo.
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