help !! looking for a new seat


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hey guy's anybody know where i can get an aftermarket seat that looks like a WALKER seat (high back) i seen one on a CASE backhoe that looked just like my walker seat without the WALKER name on it
thank you for your input!!!


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I don't know wear but, vol 16 of walker talk the photo on the looks like a boat seat and looks like it would be very confy,hey it would look really cool two tone...


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I have one and it was an upgrade from the standard black one when I ordered my new 26 fuelie. I think it was an upcharge of about 175 bucks but I love it. They also offer a suspension seat like trucks have for about 475.00 Too much for me.


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Your local Walker dealer has 2 optional seats 1st a cushion seat retails for $200.00 exchange, 2nd is a suspension seat $400.00 exchange we upgrated to the suspension seats and love them, go to your dealer and check em out!! Im sure you can beat these prices Im just looking at my Walker optional Items list. I can fax you a copy of all walkers optional attachments and bolt ons, just go to my web site listed below and email me your fax#


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I have also tried to find an aftermarket seat for my Walker, without luck. The closest I could find was a John Deere seat, that was the same size but different bolt pattern. And It was $100. So I ended up ordering a Walker stock seat for $135 + tax.



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