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Help lost job and need customers. How to get them???

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OK so 4 years ago I got into this feild and had a good thing going part time. Well my full time job told me to choose and offered a raise to stop mowing so I stopped mowing. Guess what this winter the full time job went under so now I can mow again, but have zero client base to start with. Equipment wise I am solid GMC K2500 4x4, 16' utility, New Lazer Z 60", and all stihl hand equip. Also have snow blade for the truck, but would love a boss v blade and new salt spreader for the next winter. So does anybody out there need a great sub or have some great tips on how to drum up some work. My target area is the hilliard, grove city, and surronding columbus ohio area. I would also love to find someone north of me that I can refer calls from up north to and him sothern calls to me. Thanks for all the advise in advance
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thanks for the advise its nice to know I am heading on the right track spent most of the day today passing fliers out. That direct mailing thing is something I will have to try.
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