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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ceaman, Dec 1, 2002.

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    This is in the local paper. I would like for all who takes a different stand to email the author and/or editor.

    Sunday, December 1, 2002

    Leaf blower is not on my want list
    By Kristin Harty

    I never know what to get my Dad for Christmas, but here is one thing I won't be getting him this year: a leaf blower.
    For one thing, he already has one.

    For another, I am morally opposed to all leaf blowers ever created -- gas-powered, electric-powered, pedal-propelled, I don't care.

    Yes, I am taking a stand on one of the lawn and garden industry's most sensitive issues. I am urging all rational, peace-loving Grant Countians to refrain from purchasing leaf blowers this holiday season.

    Don't buy one for your dad. Don't buy one for your brother. And for heaven's sake, don't buy one for yourself.

    All you leaf-blower owners out there, just put it in idle for a minute, take out your earplugs and hear me out. What's that you say? You can't hear me? Point made.

    Leaf blowers are too loud.

    Listen, this isn't a novel argument. Dozens of towns in California -- Santa Monica, Laguna Beach, Verdas Estates and Claremont, for example -- have banned leaf blowers because of their obnoxious decibel output. Granted, they are pretty progressive out on that West Coast. But even Midwestern towns are starting to follow suit. Winnetka, Ill., for example, has an ordinance that restricts the use of leaf blowers in residential neighborhoods.

    Marion doesn't have any kind of leaf blower ordinance, according to the city clerk's office. And the police department, which routinely gets complaints from residents about loud car stereos and idling semi-trucks, couldn't dig up any loud-leaf-blower complaints last week.

    So let me be the first to publicly express my disdain.

    For several reasons, upon which I will elaborate below, I encourage holiday shoppers to purchase alternate gifts. Buy a sweater. Buy socks. Anything but a leaf blower.

    Reason No. 1: I decided to take a nap on my couch last Saturday afternoon -- closed the shades, snuggled up with myself under the afghan. Did not set the alarm clock. You get the picture.

    When one of my neighbors cranked up a leaf blower and got to work blowing leaves across his yard to the curb.

    Yes, I know that is not a complete sentence. Which is precisely my point. The irritating and persistent buzz-hum of the leaf-blower continues to resonate in my brain, rendering me at odd moments incapable of composing coherent sentences. In addition to being a personal problem, this is a job hazard.

    I'd rather have a Britney Spears song stuck in my head all day than echoes of the inhuman scream of a leaf blower. And that's saying a lot.

    But, I can already hear my neighbors retorting, she has a lawn full of leaves -- unblown -- cluttering up the neighborhood

    True enough. I need to go buy a rake.

    But here is my point: My leaves are just sitting there, quietly, bothering no one.

    Oh sure, they may look a little untidy, but they're not keeping any of my neighbors from taking a nap.

    Reason No. 2: In addition to being loud, leaf blowers can be kind of expensive. Joey Owens, an OPE specialist -- that's outdoor power equipment specialist -- at Lowe's Home Improvement Center said leaf blowers at his store cost anywhere from around $40 to around $400. I found one advertised on the Internet -- a Solo52 CC Backpack Gas Air Blower -- for $449.95.

    A good, sturdy rake, on the other hand, costs approximately $10.

    Owens, who doesn't own a leaf blower but has used one and likes it, said the item is pretty popular among customers at Lowe's.

    "They're definitely easier to use than a rake," Owens said. "It's a lot easier on your back."

    And faster than raking. Commercial landscapers who have big jobs to do and want to save manpower money use that argument a lot. But I hereby reject it on the grounds that leaf blowers are too loud and annoying.

    Reason No. 3: Raking leaves is a good old-fashioned fall activity that is good for the heart and soul. Enough said.

    Reason No. 4: There are plenty of other interesting and unusual gifts to buy people like my Dad for the holidays. Raymond Carver, the late, great short-story writer, has an excellent collection called Would You Please Be Quiet, Please? for example. Good for reading just before a Saturday afternoon nap.

    And a man in Menomonee Falls, Wis., recently invented a utensil he calls the popcorn fork. Held like a pencil, it is designed to circumvent the dreaded butter finger syndrome. (Go to

    Another freakish and unnecessary invention, perhaps.

    But at least it doesn't make any noise.

    Kristin Harty is a Chronicle-Tribune staff writer. If you have items for the Business page, contact her at 1-765-671-2257, e-mail her at, send a fax to 1-765-668-4256 or mail to Chronicle-Tribune, P.O. Box 309, Marion, Ind. 46952.
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  3. 65hoss

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    Too bad she doesn't live next door to me. No noise ordanance during the daytime hours. I wonder how she would like the race car poppin' at her nap time.

  4. jeffyr

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    I see what happened here : The princess had her Saturday afternoon nap ruined by a neighbor, who has done nothing wrong but try to keep up the his own property during normal daytime hours.

    Last year I had to work overnights at my FT job and my neighbor was in the middle of siding his house during the day when I was napping. It's tough to say if it was the middle of the job because it took him 3 + months to do. But my point is, I didn't try and ban the hammer for this.

    We should all email her and she will be surprised by the flood of emails....intelligent arguments only... She doesn't need anymore ammo.

    She mentions the irritating noise level of leaf blowers : I wonder if she can tell us what an acceptable level of noise is ?
  5. mdb landscaping

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    "Reason No. 1: I decided to take a nap on my couch last Saturday afternoon -- closed the shades, snuggled up with myself under the afghan. Did not set the alarm clock. You get the picture. "

    Shes in taking her precious nap when she should be doing her own leaves. I bet shes some pompous lady who doesnt even have her house done. her yard probably looks like crap and shes lazy as can be. Welcome to the real world lady, quit taking afternoon naps and get to work. I sent her an email telling her what i think:angry:
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    I'll bet her neighbors love with a lawn full of leaves.All she does is nap while every one around her is taking pride in thier property. The cities around here looked at banning blowers but realized the increase cost in clean up. The contracters around here have been fighting back on these blower hating environmentalist.
    I'm going to email her and let her know about something called economics.
  7. jeffyr

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    BTW : She doesn't even bring environmental issues into the article. It is personal.
  8. Tony Harrell

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    When I worked nights, the school bus brakes would squeal loud enough to wake me up just after getting to sleep and then again when they were dropping the kids off at home. Bleeding hearts are everywhere. I like the idea of the race car! I pictured a full race camshaft, headers and 105 octane. Still, theres nothing like the sound of a 2 stroke engine with an expansion chamber-no silencer of course! Ring-ding-ding
  9. AztlanLC

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    This a copy of the E-mail that I send her

    People like you that have a position where you are able to influence lots of people should write about one of the tousands of more important issues that affect our communities not write about your personal disconfort, let's ban cars too they pollute, let's ban newspapers they waste our trees, let's fine all those people which houses are not well take care, (leaves clean up, grass mow, no trash, etc) because they lower the value of our neighborhood

    Atte. Jorge C.
    Aztlan LawnScape
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    She's quite obnoxious. There's a few lousy reasons in there.

    Reason No. 3: Raking leaves is a good old-fashioned fall activity that is good for the heart and soul. Enough said.

    Let's all go out in our yards an rake all our leaves. Sounds like fun, right?! LOL. What a laugh. I'm going to email her. My generation doesnt need to start off their lives with people like this bashing things so that by the time I'm 30 there is nothing good going in the business anymore. Here's another quote from her "report"

    But here is my point: My leaves are just sitting there, quietly, bothering no one.

    So she's just letting her leaves sit on her lawn all winter? I'm lost. One of those things that disturbs me a little.

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