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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by alldayrj, Aug 24, 2012.

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    The negative about an F550 as a dump is it will never really be able too utilized as a dumptruck unless you are hauling sand, mulch, etc. 4 tons is not very much weight. A flatbed dump will be much more versatile. You can load from the sides, fab up any sides, use it too haul job boxes etc, I could go on and on. With a 26k gvwr it will haul about 8 tons. Step it up too 33k and it will go about 10 tons payload. If you really need a dedicated dump too haul a bunch then get a tandem.
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    no frail landscaper dumps please! (just kinda joking about the frail)

    this will be my smaller hauler but we frequently haul broken concrete so I need something rugged. almost don't want fold down sides after seeing what happens with my current truck but they are great for working curbside, cleanups, and loading when there is no skid steer on a job.

    most of my palletized materials are delivered except when its 2 or 3 which inst really a problem off the back. also 4 tons of stone, sand , w/e is ok for me at this point in my business. I have friends with 10 wheelers and 20 yarders for the real big jobs plus a 550 can fit in more places more easily than my internationals(taller, wider, longer)
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    Hey I was looking at your website, you guys do some nice work!
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    Thanks nick. Trying to take it to the next level this year and its been fun. Check out the facebook for some more pictures.
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    In what country? Because that sure ain't the case in the US.

    Could I drive it with a class D?
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    Yea the salesman rocked my world when they said you don't need a cdl to drive with air brakes. Aparenty its been that way for years?
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    Thoughts on this truck? My only gripes are its the first year of the 6.br0 (which i have in my pickup and know how to work on) and the cab to axle looks a little short because o the tool box
    Check out this

    Ford : Other XL SUPER DUTY

    I found with eBay motors for iPhone
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