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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Zivman, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. Zivman

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    Mowing residental - my own yard- about 1 acre of grass. fairly flat, not alot of obsticals, but still a number of them. I want commercial grade; don't want to buy another mower for 20 yrs. Will add a bag/vac system this fall, so keep that in mind.

    here is what I have come across:
    2010 Exmark Lazer Z AS - 20 kawa / 52" deck -> $7000
    2010 Scag Tiger Cat - 25 Kohler / 52" deck -> $7400
    2008 Hustler Mini Z demo - 19 Kawa / 52" deck -> $6500 (sold as new with 9 hrs on it)
    2010 Hustler Z4 - 25 Kohler / 54" deck -> $7800

    I also have considered Ferris and found the following:
    2010 IS1500Z -> 22 Kawa / 52" deck -> $7000
    2009 IS1500Z -> 25 Kawa / 52" deck -> $7000

    I find my self leaning towards the scag or mini Z. Really looking for the best cut. Doesn't have to be the fastest, just really want the yard to look nice. For the size I am doing, any will be plenty strong enough. I would be fine with 48" deck, but seems around my area, dealers have the 52" on the floor and are giving better pricing on them as a result. Financing offers also are being considered in the purchase.

    Would like some input before I throw down the dough....
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  2. coxslawncare

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  3. Bluffman

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    I run a scag TC with a 48 deck/19 Kawi. I love mine. I opted to go with a Trac-Vac instead of the Scag clamshell as it is easily used when needed, detatched when not and doesn't rob engine power since it's not "spindle driven". Any of the mowers mentioned are good quality and parts/service in the future should be a consideration as far as dealer support and availability. Take care of any of the mowers you are considering and you should be good to go. Just throwing it out there, is your property fairly flat? At only 1 acre, a 48" will take you around 45 minutes to cut. The 52" will probably cut you down 10 minutes or so as it only takes another 4" of cut. The 48" might give you a better cut though on slopes etc. My own property is 2-1/2 to 2-3/4 acres and I cut mine in around 2 hours (less trimming and push mower areas). I do mine with my 48" and like it's ability to handle tight areas and slopes which I have a lot of. Good luck.
  4. RTR Landscaping

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    I agree get a Scag. I own 9 and will never have anything else. Simply the best!

    TONTAGE LawnSite Member
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    SCAG all the way!!! on on my 2nd scag.52" Turf Tiger.awesome machine
  6. Zivman

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    took my brother out to look at them. Very impressed with the hustler mini Z. Compact, VERY easy to maneuver for an inexperienced operator. I have concerns about its power though. the dealer is bringing it by tonight for me to demo.

    I went by the scag dealer that gave me the good pricing, but he didn't have the tiger cat setup yet. I drove the wild cat he had out front. pretty decent feel and maneuverability, substantially more machine than the hustler.

    In end, if this demo goes well, I will get the hustler... heck, it's 900 bucks cheaper and if I am happy with the cut, I think it's a win win. If I feel it is lacking, I won't hesitate to spend the money and will be getting the scag.
  7. twcw5804

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    I agree Scag. I would want to know though if there is an exmark 52 with a engine like the Scag for same money.
  8. TriCityLawnCareLLC

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    have you looked into kubota. I have a kubota ZG222 with a 48 in pro deck and this machine is built like a rock. $7400 out the door. shaft drivin, only has one belt. i love my machine.
  9. BINKY1902

    BINKY1902 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Yeah I put about 50 hrs on that same model Kubota when I was filling in for a guy and they make an excellent mower. Very low maintenance mowers, the groundskeeper had put 735 hrs on it in two years and nothing done to it but changing the oil and sharpening blades.
  10. Zivman

    Zivman LawnSite Member
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    demo went well. Impressed with the cut. Had 4 different 'mower' guys over to try it and all really liked it. I just don't see spending any more money than I need to. I am getting a commercial grade mower, good warranty and I have 0% for 36 on this mower. I really can't see how I can go wrong. Not to mention some say the bagging setup for the hustlers are the best..... ??? I think I am comfortable with its power after using it.

    I have no doubt scag and kubota are awesome, but like I said, I don't see the need to spend the extra money.

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