Help me Calibrate 2.1 gpm electric pump 1/128 method

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by shortgrass01, Mar 4, 2013.

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    I have different ideas from some of the experts here. I have a try Green background, also. I believe in waving the gun back and forth, covering a swath of about 7 feet. For that you need a nozzle that puts out a circular pattern. (Raindrop nozzles at try Green, but you may need to go on a lower volume).
    Remember if you use a flat fan nozzle--or any fan nozzle--you hand must remain stationary at the same height and angle, as you walk forward--moving it left or right causes huge uneveness in application. In fact, even a slight up or down movement of your hand as you step forward will cause major variations in the pattern on concrete.
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    Hi riggle,
    Yeah going thru a bit of a learning curve with spraying with low volume lawn applications. I have relearn how to apply lawn application with these types of nozzles. I picked up some flood and flat fan nozzles at the tractor supply store, but they didn't have any AI nozzles. I get to play with them tomorrow. I have to start thinking like a boom sprayer nice even height very little movement type of technique. At some point I will be acquiring a gas motor and roller pump maybe even a diaphragm especially if I am not won over with these electric motors.. for lawn applications.
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    you used 3/8" hose? Next time around are you going to 1/2"? I use 1/2" and am debating going to 3/8" to be lighter and easier to haul around. 300' length. I only pump out 1 gal/1000. Thoughts?
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    I use a WAND instead on a gun. It is just a Ball valve shut off on a 54 " pipe with a crook in it so I am shooting straight at the ground. I have even sprayed in High winds because I can hold it so close to the ground with very large droplets. By just cracking the ball valve I can cut down the flow to a trickel and do very close in spraying.


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