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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JaxKurt, Jun 9, 2004.

  1. JaxKurt

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    A friend and I are starting our first lawn service comany and we need to choose a mower. I have been looking at Husqvana, Gravley and Exmark walk-behinds. I think a 36 inch will suit us best for our first one. We plan on cutting 30-50 lawns per month in Florida (St Augustine grass). I am unsure about floating or fixed, hydrostatic or not. We will probably want a sulky so want to know recommended HP. The last thing is that we would like the best price for our basic needs.

  2. mkwl

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    For starters, I have never really used and of the equipment you listed, so I won't bash them. Second, I would strongly recommend that you get a Bob-Cat. I got a new Bob-Cat 48", belt drive, 15 hp Kawi walk behind mower and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Bob-Cat mowers are built like tanks and their cut and striping are supurb!!!!
    My Bob-Cat has a fixed deck and it cuts extremely well. A fixed deck would certinally fit your needs. My Bob-Cat is a belt drive and the steering is great! I could definitely pull a sulky with mine, but I don't really want one. The problem I see with the hydro's is that if one of the pumps breaks, you have a major problem. I got my Bob-Cat for $3,400 at my dealer.
    A Bob-Cat will NEVER let you down!!
  3. Itsgottobegreen

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    First I would recommend a 32" over a 36". Because you will someday get an account with a 36" gate. So you have to get out the push mower. Thats my opinion.

    A eXmark metro would be a great starter machine. The second mower i bought was a 32" metro. Great little machines. After 5 years its still running strong. The bobcat, scag, or ferris belt drives are a good choice.

    If you have the money for a hydro, get one. A wright velke mower or a eXmark viking w/ecs controls would a great start. Both are built like tanks. But I would go with a wright, since everything else in the shop is a wright. Also bobcat, scag, or ferris would be a good choice.

    Now if you want something really cool get a Wright Stander. I have two and love them. They make a 36" and a 42" model which would fit your needs.

    When you start out, you need equipment that stays together. I started out with a Bunton Bullet. It kept falling apart. It took a phone call with the president of bunton to get it fixed. I would not recommend Husqvana, Gravley or a bunton.

    For horse power. Get the biggest you can. If you can get a v twin Kawi. 15 hp would be fine for a 36". Never will have any problems with it. For a sulky you want a velke X1 or a X2. Nothing comes close.
  4. GTLC

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    Consider the Better Outdoor Products Quick36 13HP 36" fixed deck hydrostatic walk-behind. Although it is a new product, I have heard great feedback from new owners of this mower. You can't beat the $1995 price.

    Also, where else can you go and talk with the owner of Better Outdoor Products, Gary Partridge. He is always on LawnSite to field any questions about his product. Its great to have you on LawnSite Gary!
  5. ince8728

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    I would recomend as others have also a bob-cat 36"/15kawi or a 32" exmark metro. I work for a landscaper who started out with an exmark 32" and is still running after 13 years of cutting between 65 & 85 lawns a week. He also has had a 36" exmark for 8 years. Both good machines.
  6. EastProLawn

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    If you can afford it, I would go with the Wright Stander ( 36" ) I have one and it's the best thing I ever bought.
  7. Rick Jones

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    from NY
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    Go with a dual hydro unit if possible. The reverse and zero degree turning radius are big time-savers over a belt-driven unit.

    The floating deck will make for easy cutting height adjustment.

    I've got a 15 HP Toro 36" and it pulls a BullRider sulky, which is about the most versatile sulky out there, with no problems.
  8. TClawn

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    if your going to get a 32" take a look at the ferris hydro cut the msrp is $2739.00 so it's priced WAY cheaper than any other twin pump hydro that I've heard of.

    here's the link.
  9. Lawn Dog2001

    Lawn Dog2001 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    If you are going fixed deck belt drive 36" then just buy for best price, and dealer support. All three of those units would be almost identical.

    All three of those name brands would serve you well. I use Exmark and like them. But Gravely has better prices on comparable equipment. Personally I think Husky is overpriced from what Ive seen.
  10. Nick17

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    EastProLawn, how much did you pay for your 36" and which engine?



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