help me choose a rental skid steer!

Discussion in 'Rental Equipment' started by leathelbuzzkill, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. leathelbuzzkill

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    well next spring i will be renting a skid steer from Sunbelt rentals i am 15 and always wanted to drive one for a day and this is the perfect excuse :laugh: any way our 3/4 of our yard is big enough for a full size skid steer and the other 1/4 in my backyard next to the pool/fence. if i lift the lift arms up i could clear the pool and fence it is a tight squeeze, the squeeze is about 50" but i think can go close to 70" with the loader arms down i will have to check more on this. i need to dig up 3" of grass up on my front yard/backyard, dig up plants and lift take out back yard side walk and lay dirt/gravel/mulch etc... it takes me almost 1 1/2 hours to mow our grass my grass so i decide not to rent a dingo. i think this job needs a big bucket and power:clapping: i have got it down to 4 models to rent. i wonder if i rent a wheeled unit will it tear up the grass? and i need it to have a back up alarm for safety!! i will let them deliver and pick up for $185 at my 5mi away location if i rent the john Deere and live within the same city will they rent to me for the same delivery price?

    bobcat-463 not sure it is 21hp or tiny bucket is powerful enough-cost $140 24hours or 8 machine hours. back up alarm? don't like lift height

    new Holland ls160- $150 a day 24hours or 8 machine hours. back up alarm?

    john Deere-322 track loader $180 24h or 8 machine hours, back up alarm? not at my original Sunbelt location is 30mi away and does it have a back up alarm?

    bobcat regular size- don't want to use a full size bobcat just think they are under powered compared to other brands and are very tippy

    thanks for the input !
  2. cat2

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    You don't want to go to big either, because you will find it will just be more of a pain. I think a radius lift machine would be better for digging up the grass. You don't want too big of a bucket. Smaller the bucket more digging power you have just make sure it will cover the width of your wheels or tracks.Lets see what everyone else thinks
  3. SiteSolutions

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    You may have trouble renting without getting your dad in on the transaction; maybe they will just take a check when they drop it off and not ask any questions.

    Out of that list I would say the John Deere sounds like the best digger.

    As far as I know, any skid steer is available with a backup alarm but it is up to the individual dealership to order that option on their rental fleet machines, and then maintain the thing in working order. None of mine have had that feature and although I have hit a few stationary objects, have so far not run over any people or pets.

    I think you will really enjoy running these machines and maybe this will be the start of something big for you. However it works out, great initiative!

    Good luck.

    P.S. The Case Construction Equipment website has the most complete comparision pages I've seen on the web. I think it's and just kind find your way from there. Should be able to compare widths, horsepower, and about 30 other specs on a LOT of different manufacturer's machines.
  4. leathelbuzzkill

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    my mom will rent it for me:dancing:
  5. Fieldman12

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    I am a little confused on the amoun of space you have to work with so you may have to help me out.I think the Deere is the best choice and next would be the New Holland. Problem is I dont think the Deere will fit through the fence. If memory serves me correctly they come with a 74" bucket so Im betting the tracks are real close to that width, so lifting the bucket wont help ya. There is different track width options though but I dont think that will help ya either. The New Holland will be smaller in width but I dont think it will fit either. The Bobcat is the smallest in width.
  6. hosejockey2002

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    With any type of hard core work to do tracks will outperform wheels, although a tracked machine will cost you more to rent. I'll give you a bit of "fatherly advice" (cripes, that makes me feel old but my oldest kid is like 5 years older than you), but full-throttle, b@#ls to the wall is not necessarily the way you want to go when you first run one of these. I only say this because I remember what it was like to be 15, and that is how I wanted to go! Just be careful and go slow at first, because these machines can do a lot of damage to property and you if things go bad. Have fun, like other guys have said, maybe this will lead to a rewarding and successful career.
  7. leathelbuzzkill

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    well any of the skid steers will fit through my backyard gate over 100" wide but in the backyard on the other side there is a fence that blocks view of the backyard neighbors that is really close to our pool (in ground) that might not be big enough for the skid steer to get through. over by the pool tiny work will be done i could do that with a shovel but when you rent a skid steer just more fun to rip it up:clapping:

    i would like to take landscaping up as my career get to driver skid steers and get paid what could be better:laugh:

    i need at least 7-8 feet lift height because our wooden fence is just over 6' l

    we will save the dirt to cut costs down from the dirt being pick-up
    well we have a shed in the corner of our yard that is a tiny gap the skid steer is too big. just big enough a person can get through. so i will have to drive the skid steer into my neighborers yard and dump the dirt behind my shed so i don't want to tear his yard up with tires. so i am leaning towards the john Deere
  8. leathelbuzzkill

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    i am only going 4-6" down will i have to call someone to mark where the pipes are in the ground?
  9. xcopterdoc

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    I don't know how Sunbelt's policy is where you live. I work with one of the other rental companies and we won't rent to a cash or charge card customer. You must have an account. Just something to consider, no bashing intended, just don't want you to get all excited and then find out at the last minute that yur out. All rental units SHOULD(ours MUST!) have a back up alarm and fire ext plus operators manual on board before it's cleared for rent. All of your other specs, lift, size ect, should be available on line from the rental place or the manufactures wbsite. Talk to the sales guy.. they make a living by sizing machines to the job.
  10. RockSet N' Grade

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    If you are going 4"-6" down, 6' down, or 1" the utility marking company and have them come mark. In essence, any kind of dirt work,'s free and may save your bacon. May as well get into a good habit right from the start.......if you continue in this venture, a little word of advise, if you hear the word "fibre-optic line" and it is marked in the area where you want to dig.........pass on the job until you have increased your skill set, can pick a spoon up with a thumb/bucket, and have big brass......well, you know. Hitting a fibre-optic line rates right up there for me on the pucker and everyone you are associated with on that dig could be bankrupt in that split second.........that is just plain fact.

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