help me choose a rental skid steer!

Discussion in 'Rental Equipment' started by leathelbuzzkill, Sep 30, 2007.

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    WARNING - If you decide to go with the CTL you may never want to go back to a wheel skid steer again. :) Only thing that stinks about the CTL's is the price tag and the maintenance of the undercarriage.
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    All have made good points here. Don't also forget that when the machine is returned it must be full of fuel. Several years ago that was not a big deal but these days it cost a good bit to fill a machine up. Also I have never rented a machine other than a trencer but some places want to charge a warranty that you may or may not want. It may be worth getting with the rental if you have no backup money to fix it if it does break and they stick ya with the bill.
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    Not trying to rob this thread but out of curiosity. We all know these are cheap prices to rent a skid steer or CTL for. How many added cost are put on this say $150.00 to rent a machine for 8 hours. I know there is a fee for delivery or if you need a trailer to rent but what can a guy usually get away with on price after its all said in done in an 8 machine hour work day after returned, fueled up and so on. Any other hidden taxes, insurance or anything??? Just sounds cheap to rent some of these machines to me. I have received comparible prices to rent though.
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    well for me fuel,14% rental protection plan and delivery/pickup so around $300 total but more like 350 if i rent the john Deere. sunbelt charges $85/delivery $85/pickup for skid steers but i think i can rent any skid steer in my city outside of my local Sunbelt for the same pick-up/delivery (that is where the john deere is!)
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    so john Deere $180 a day
    14% of $180 is 25.20
    and delivery/ pickup is 170
    $60 for 1 tank fuel may get refund if all is not used
    $450 total

    if i rent a lowes rental pick up truck to tow the skid steer home and rent a trailer for 24 hours take the rental truck back to lowes get in our car drive home next day go back to lowes and rent the truck again and tow the load back wonder if i would cut the cost down?
    -i only live 10min away from lowes
    -the rental truck is only $19 for first 79MIN
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    I have both a Deere 322 and Nh ls160 night and day difference rent the deere and you will be done in half the time we just cut out a driveway 3ft cut on the up hill side and 150ft long it was in a new subdivision and they are building 3 houses across the street and all of the contractors were laughing at us when we showed up with our little 322 (they were using a d4) we knocked it out in about 4 hours including spreading the gravel they were all amazed by what the deere could do.

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    You will probably hit the cable TV cable to your house regardless of anything you do to prevent it. Around here, the installers barely break through the sod and just lay it on the ground and hope the homeowner doesn't cut their grass too close!

    As suggested, definitely call the line locators to come out and mark the area; make sure you call several days in advance of when you plan to dig.

    The renting a truck thing may or may not work out to your advantage but is definitely the right sort of thing to be thinking about. That pickup and delivery is a killer!

    The first job I ever did, I had to buy a 5 gal can and drive back and forth to the gas station about 6 times to fill up the loader I rented! What a pain in the butt. If you do rent a truck and trailer, at least you will be able to drive the thing up to a pump and save some aggravation. The rental house will probably charge you about $6 a gallon to top the tank back off, which can add up pretty fast.
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    As much of a pain it is, fill up the machine with diesel you buy yourself before you send it back. The diesel is so expensive back at the rental store.
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    actually our cable,phone, electric are above ground in our backyard run to all the houses via a telephone pole
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    -why does john Deere not use a seat bar in the skid steers?
    -if i prepay for gas will it still cost $6 a gallon?
    -does your john Deere use hand controls?

    and i just found out we have a cat rental store 30min from our house i will call and see how much they charge to rent.

    do wheeled skid steers tear up grass? i will go over our lawn several times and don't want the whole yard destroyed.

    on the john Deere skid steer there is a Dual Flasher Switch can you tell me what that does?

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