help me choose a rental skid steer!

Discussion in 'Rental Equipment' started by leathelbuzzkill, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. JayD

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    *trucewhiteflag* Does anyone know what do they go for rental $$$?
    I need one this weekend, but when I found out about the job, it was to late to call.
    Also, what about trailer, how much do they weigh and would my 5x 10 hold it.
  2. leathelbuzzkill

    leathelbuzzkill LawnSite Member
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    looked at a bobcat s150-s175 it was hand/foot controls but it had a lot of buttons for turn signals and stuff like that. the new Holland ls160 it is the new one with the new yellow large grafix was stripped no horn,turn signal or any buttons on the control leavers but it looks like they could have put in a horn:hammerhead: that is stupid. come to think of it i did not even see a light switch:laugh:. still thinking about john Deere 322 i will have to test drive the machine first can't wait. if i get a bobcat or new Holland i might do a few wheelies with the bucket down! can any one comment on bobcat s150-s175? is it underpowered. the bobcat did have nice buttons to press i am curious what the turn signals lit up looks like:confused:. i need of pic of the turn signals
  3. leathelbuzzkill

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    i thought new Holland is supposed to have backup alarm turn signals, and a horn standard but this is the newest model of new Holland yet none of there features are standard?
  4. cat2

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    I have a bobcat s-160 does everything I want it to.:)
  5. ksss

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    What is up with this "buttons to press" thing? Its a skid steer not the space shuttle. Turn signals are typically for the European market as the machines have to be road legal there. I can appreciate the youthful exuberance being displayed, but perhaps we can get to the part where you get the job done. Your just renting a skid steer not demoing to purchase. Make a decision and get it done, if you end up not liking the machine, next time the garden needs to be rebuilt try another brand.
  6. leathelbuzzkill

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    :clapping: good point thanks so i guess it's new holland vs john Deere i guess i will rent the deere 322 if it is available. ok i need major help on this one we have a huge tree that 5-10 stories tall and it is in our neighbors yard wich is right next to our fence. it is like 1-2 feet wide and looks thick it would cost us too much to cut the tree down. is it possible to cut the large roots out of the ground on our side and not mess up the sability of the tree? what attachment will i need?
  7. SiteSolutions

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    I borrowed a S-175 today. It worked well.

    If the tree is your neighbor's, I would talk to them about it. You can tear up the roots if you want but the neighbors may not like that. The tree might die and fall on your house.

    If you want to get rid of a big tree right near houses and stuff, the best way to go is to have a real honest-to-God arborist come out and top it all the way down, then grind up the stump. You can get a brush or root grapple attachment to move all the tree parts to the curb or load them on a truck after it has been cut down.
  8. leathelbuzzkill

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    that would cost too much money maybe i can just cut the roots out will have to look into this one!
  9. Scag48

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    Dude, a 50 foot tree is nothing to mess around with. I've done some light logging and selective thinning in ponderosa pine, a 60 foot tree is a little intimidating to fall, even when there's nothing but other trees for it to land on. Digging out the roots on your side of the house isn't smart even if your neighbor didn't mind, but I'm sure he would. If you weaken the root system on one side of a tree there's a good chance that even if the tree doesn't die it's obviously weaker on that side making it more prone to falling in that direction. Not good. My advice is to not mess with the tree at all

    As far as renting a machine, just get the cheapest one and go to it, this isn't rocket science. Get a machine, enjoy the day, and pray that you get to do another job that requires the rental of a machine. This was how I got my start at 14, doing small landscape jobs with rented Bobcats and minis.

    Don't stress the small stuff, score a machine, keep it simple.
  10. Fieldman12

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    I think Scag is telling you correct. I know at a young age we where all capable of allot of things but I would leave that tree alone.

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