help me choose a rental skid steer!

Discussion in 'Rental Equipment' started by leathelbuzzkill, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. leathelbuzzkill

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    yup just will have to deal with it.:cry: :laugh: i hope spring-summer comes quick
    if i do a good job on our yard maybe i will get jobs from our family and then maybe neighbors:dancing:
  2. MacBain lanscapes

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    hey i do the same kind of stuff as you im 15 as well if i were you i would stay away from the 463 its a good little skid steer but it will tear up your yard and is prone to flipping i myself have gone on two wheels but a tree caught my fall. i have also rented the t190 very good it will still do a little harm to your yard but it isnt to big but isnt to small. oh and it is super strong, and has a really high reach if your gonna be loading a dump truck like we did.
  3. KPS

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    Our company owns two 463's, these little machines do nowhere near the damage that a T190 will do to your lawn while turning. The T190 will load a truck very well, we do this about three days a week, but it will also do lots of damage in a hurry if you are inexperienced with a machine of its size. Get your feet wet with a 463 and you will pick up the basics quickly.
  4. Dirt Digger2

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    this was from last year...pretty sure he already rented what he had to
  5. KPS

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    I only looked at the last page:hammerhead:. Shoulda checked the date of the post..............Im' not the quickest bunny in the forest sometimes:sleeping:
  6. leathelbuzzkill

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    man everybody thanks for the help its been a long time but high school, and life took over. Sadly i never did next the machine. Now I'm trying to start a small lawn care business and i remembered about this site!
  7. CPEC_Andy

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    I love your passion, but doubt sunbelt will rent a 15 y/o a skid steer.
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  8. 2ExploreTech

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    Back to the renting part... Sunbelt may work with you, but as mentioned above they don't normally do larger equipment without an account. They may require a 1million dollar insurance policy. I've heard Sunbelt doing that with skid steers/mini excavators rentals.

    And to be redundant again, call your Utilities Locate ... and I don't care if your in the city, suburb, or out in the country. I've worked in enough yards and fields where wires were laid, or gas lines, etc...

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