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    This might be alittle long, but please read and give whatever advice you can provide. I've narrowed down to Dodge and GM, and I am posting this at a couple of both Dodge and GM sites.

    I'm looking to buy a 2006 3/4 ton four door, 4wd, diesel, automatic truck. I've narrowed down to Chevrolet 2500 4wd crew cab, Duramax/Allison or a Dodge 2500 quad cab, 4wd, Cummins/48RE. I'll be using it to tow a landscape trailer that weighs 3k, but looking to upgrade to larger enclosed and possible skid steer in the future. I WILL NOT be lifting, bombing, etc. Only thing is maybe changing muffler to something a little louder. I maintain my vehicles very well also. I'm going from a 2004 Toyota Tacoma, so it'll be a BIG change either way.

    Dodge pros:
    CUMMINS - speaks for itself
    Solid front axle
    nice styling
    compact size
    better mileage

    Dodge Cons:
    48re - 4 speed, but seems pretty reliable
    small quad cab - I don't like the looks of the megacab
    "rumors" of Dodge problems like trucks falling apart. I've never owned a Dodge, but put very little faith in this

    Chevy Pros:
    bigger cab

    Chevy cons:
    Duramax - 3 changes in 6 years, not a lot of history
    same rumors as Dodge, depending on who you talk to.

    I'm not looking for brand wars, just honest information. ANYTHING that you guys can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    BTW: I have 100% eliminated the Ford. Like the styling, but WAY too many problems with the 6.0.

    FIRESCOOBY LawnSite Senior Member
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    Anyone have any information?
  3. lamarbur

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    I've always had Dodge's and thinking back, next to nothing in issues.. I have a Cummins Dodge now,, 01 model w/HO and 6spd trans,. Now, in 01, the automatics I don't think were very reliable, Today and different trans maker , I think this issue has been put to rest, because on the high output Cummins, they now come with auto's instead of 6sp manuals

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    Actually it's just an upgraded transmission from the auto available in 2001. The current Cummins come with either the 48re auto or 6 speed G56. They dropped the NV5600 in early 2005 because they quit making them. Too bad, it was a great tranny.
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    Well I guess I will keep my mouth shut because I'm a Ford man. If ford went out of business then it would be a chevy duramax.:gunsfirin
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    I just bought a Dodge for the business its a 2500 with the Cummings and an auto trans. and so far everyone loves it.

    I have to add My personal truck is a 00 F-150 reg gas with 160,000 miles and it has been the best vehicle investment I have made. I did little to no maintenance and its all city driving in Phoenix, hot, start and stop traffic, pulling whatever I needed to for the business. Oil changes every 10-15 K and I have put in two batteries and actuators for the door locks and windows and brakes and tires of course but nothing else zero, zip, nada, the big goose egg. I cant say enough good things about that truck. I haven't even changed the transmission fluid. :clapping:

    I also have two Chevy's in the business 03's reg gas, problems already both less than 40-K a/c compressor, water pump, electrical problems.

    Do a search "Cummins, Duramax or Power stroke" I asked the same question and got lots of responses. In short

    Ford, dependable but expensive to repair and maintain (that was the 05 and before)

    Duramax, hit or miss, some great, some lemons

    Dodge, all seemed to love them, better mileage and cheaper to repair and maintain. Just the low resale value was the only fault and bad auto trans before 05

    Check out the thread for lots of reading.
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    Since its crew cabs I would go with the Dodge. The cummins is a very good motor plus eventhough the truckis a crew cab its only about the lenght of a Ford Extended cab which helps out alot when you are in a tieght area with your trailer.
  8. South Florida Lawns

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    I'm in the same boat as you, looking for a new 1 ton.

    For me its the most truck for the money and quality is there.

    I think you would be fine with all three brands.

    IFS are fine I doubt your gonna be rock crawling or wheeling hard.

    Dodges hold up these days, even though they have that cheap feel on the inside, but that cummins is killer.

    The Chevy's have their problems, I have had a ton with my 03 silverado, but they have a very quality built product, Im still satisfied. I would take the power stroke over the duramax, cuz I don't like the aluminum block idea, and I think International fixed the 6.0.

    Fords seem to to be built very well and dont forget that tow command brake system, the best out there to date.

    So I guess make a list of the stuff you want in a vehicle and see what you can get the most for your money.
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  10. guven

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    I have 2004 tacoma 4x4
    I want to buy 5x10 trailer to haulwith my tacoma. do you think its can handle
    how is yours?my is manual and 2.7 engine on it
    I was wondering , I do not want to buy new big truck

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