Help me decide between these string trimmers

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by bamorris2, May 15, 2012.

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    Thank you for the model-specific info, as this is one of the trimmers on my short list. How was the head that came stock on it? Also, what swayed you to the Kawa versus the Stihl FS55?
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    The stock head was fine. I just heard all the hype about the speedfeed head and for less than $40 shipped, I figured I would give it a try. THE HYPE IS TRUE! That speedfeed head is awesome! I can respool it in less than a minute. It also seems to run a little smoother with it.

    I ended up getting the Kawasaki for $40 cheaper than the Stihl and it was about a half pound lighter than the Stihl. I wanted something light weight. I also heard that the Stihl gas caps were a pain in the ass. Ironically though, I bought a Stihl FC90 edger last week (scored it for $210 off craigslist practically brand new) so we'll see how the gas caps work out on it.

    My only complaint with the Kawasaki was when I first got it, it seemed to take a while to warm up and would bog down if I gave it full throttle while it was warming up. I had to feather the throttle during warm up and gradually get it up to WOT. After a few tanks of gas through it, warm up time has gotten a lot faster and it doesn't bog down anymore at startup. I think it just needed to break in. BTW I also pulled the spark arrestor screen off of it first thing so I don't have to worry about cleaning it in the future. It's held on by a phillips head screw.
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    I went down to a local shop. After talking with the guys there, I walked out with the Kawi. They said that it's a little sluggish until broken in, but otherwise a very solid machine for homeowner use. They said that when used commercially, the clutch and gearhead goes out, but clutch is $30 and Echo gearheads fit. But said that I really shouldn't have any issues at all for many years only using it for my home.
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    Echo srm225 or husky223
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    There's no consensus on this forum about which brand of 2-stroke equipment is the best, even though the topic had been debated to death - if you don't already have a favorite brand, my advice is to choose the most reputable dealer in your area and buy whichever brand he carries. If you're willing to part with $300 instead of $200, get a commercial-grade model - it'll have lots of power, enable you to get the job done quicker, and probably last forever under home use.

    Edit - I just noticed you already bought a machine - looks like you made a good pick for your situation. You did the right thing going to a dealer and asking for advice; a box store woulda sold you a cheap plastic throwaway.
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