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Help me decide which ztr


LawnSite Member
Hello everyone..... great, informative site!

I am trying to decide between

1) Hustler FasTrack - 20hp 52"
2) eXmark Lazer Z Ct - 48" 19hp
3) Toro Timecutter ZX - 52" 18hp

The dealers are spread out in my area. I'll have to drive 40 miles to whichever one.

I am a homeowner cutting 1.5 acres (no hills) with the likelyhood of the size increasing to 3 acres next year (buying more property).

I'm tired of buying "throw away" equipment.... but not quite ready to shell out the big $$ for the premium models.

I understand that these machines are all good quality.... the Hustler offers Honda engine which sounds good to me. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

One other thing...... are these all the "small wheel" category? Will they tear up the turf when making a 180 turn?
Is this a big enough reason to justify the "big wheel" models?

Thanks in advance