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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by tsh1773, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. tsh1773

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    I just sold a Turfco Overseeder because it was hard to maneuver. I have looked at the Lesco Renovator online. I have been approved to finance it. Should I go with Renovator or is there a cheaper seeder out there that is self propelled? I'm not sure I can justify spending $3200 + tax for a machine that's mostly used this time of the year. Will it sit for the other 10-11 months. In the meantime I'm using the Brinly seeder/spreader from Home Depot. I don't think I will get good results since the tines are in front of the seed hopper.
  2. upidstay

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    The Lesco is worth every penny. This subject has been discussed on this site many times. Do a search and you will see that most people out there like the Lesco.
  3. somo1

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    Upidstay is right, you can easily do $1000.00-$1500.00 a day with the Renovator and not get tired because its self-propelled. Also you can use it as a de-thatcher because you can shut off the seed box.

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