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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by jeffh1988, Jan 29, 2007.

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    Ok guys i am making the jump this year to a bigger mower with a ztr and i ordered the 56" cut from exmark so its going to be too wide for my current 5 x 12 trailer so i must upgrade my trailer too. Some may say easy fix just go buy a wider trailer but this trailer needs to be versatile. Its main purpose will be everyday mowing and maintenance but i have a love for 66 to 77 Broncos that on occasion have to be trailered so i need the trailer to function as a car hauler also. I want this set up to last a while so help me out guys. I am thinking about getting a 16ft+2 dove tail car hauler and having the local machine shop customize it for me. I want a nice cage up front for small tools and such along with trimmer racks and anything else yall can think of. The trailer i have looked at is an open trailer and i really want some type of sides either plywood or expanded metal but remember i need to tow the occasional bronco! Another thing to consider is I am currently using a 02 F150 super crew to pull my trailer and i know its capable to pull the 16 ft car hauler i have done it many times but will it hold up to extended everyday pulling of something this size? Any suggestions for the perfect setup are welcome and anyone with similar setups i'd be really interested in pics i want this setup to look very professional.

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    I dont know about perfect trailer but I am compleating most of my new trialer this week, its a 16'x6'4", 5 ton fram, dual axle 3500#each. landscape/utility trialer with a 3"x5" folded toung, with two folding ramps. The back ramp is a full 6' 3" wide by 6' long (3' high folded up) capable of holding 2500# at a time. The second ramp is on the right side up front. Its 5' wide and also a folded 3', 6' long. Both ramps have spring assisst.

    From my experence a 4' and some 5' ramps will hang up some mowers loading and unloding. 6' makes a big differenxe (most the time you dont have to raise the deck at all to get it on). But 4' and 5' 6'foot standing up going down the road at 60mph eats a lot of wind (eaven expanded steel decking). So i like the folded ramps. A side ramp means you have to unload the hole trailer if you wont something off in the front.

    I think the first think you need it a trialer that will hold the load your talking about. A true car hauler dove tail will run you a lot more to start off. There are heaveier landscape/utilitys with the biger wraped toung. A wraped toung mean the 5" toung runs fron the hitch back to the first spring. I found mine on e-bay and got a good deal I feel. Im making my own ramps and spring assis.

    This is just what works for me, to give me the most for my money. I hope my compleat trailer will cost around $1400 to $1500.
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    I would buy a car hauler and a mowing trailer. I would set up your mowing trailer to be small and efficient... so a 6x12 or 6x14 single axle trailer. I would not want to have to pull a car trailer everyday if I had to. The smaller trailer will save you upfront cost, gas mileage, and wear and tear on your truck. Then I would go buy another trailer for a bronco. How much does a bronco weigh? I am thinking b/t the bronco and the trailer... you might be maxing out a 7k gross trailer. You might need a 10k-12k trailer.

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