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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Yardfolks, Aug 2, 2004.

  1. Yardfolks

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    Any thoughts or advice would be helpful. We are lanscaping this to create "curb appeal" for our customer. We were planning on removing the plants on the right side of the walk way and replanting them some where. And we are going to work with the shrub on the far left side. Other than that we all we know so far is landscape fabric the grass and add mulch. So I guess I need some plant ideas that will look sharp or any advice. Our price range is around 100-150 and our customer wants low care plants. We have plenty of rocks from tilling the back yard to work with and we would like to use the plants on the right somewhere.


  2. NNJLandman

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    Haha what customer doesn't want "low maintance" plants, everything needs a lil care. when you say $100-150 is that like 100.00 for the whole job? I'm not familiar with plants that are usual in your area, so I will suggest the idea of a boulder scape. Since the yard is on a slop there in the front I would lose all the grass up to the flat part on both sides do planting all over the hill, and place some nice boulders staggered around on both sides hence the name boulder scape.

  3. paponte

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    Get more money! ;)
  4. drsogr

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    That tree is absolutely goudy where it is placed. It really distracts from the home.
  5. o-so-n-so

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    Once you remove the should stop progress until you get more $$$$.

    You can't even offer ideas for $150.00

    Just to build beds and plant-n-mulch your talking about 2-2.5 grand.

    That little house will dress up nicely. Get rid of everything, sod all but beds in front of house, put some height at the corners and fill with low maint. color. Move the lily's to the beds in front close to steps.
  6. Yardfolks

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    Thanks for the ideas. I already have the landscape fabric and mulchso that in not part of the cost.. So I guess I could spare about 200-250 for plants for the front two slopes. I would perfer to keep it under that budget but I want it to look sharp so I will spend up to 250.
  7. WeatherMan

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    Good Luck But to make that place look nice I would need at least $1500 in plant materail alone
  8. Avery

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    I would not do the fabric for 150. Up to $250? That is an unrealistic budget. Ten times that and they will have a decent job.
  9. Yardfolks

    Yardfolks LawnSite Member
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    Why do you need $2500 to cover that area with some plants. I don't even think I could fit 2500.00 worth of plants in that area.

  10. yrdandgardenhandyman

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    I'm sorry but I've got to say this. Why do people come here asking advice from pros and then argue with the advice they get? I think you've gotten some very good advice so far. I'd tell the cheap customer to ante up with the bread or I'd take a walk and let the lowballers have it. Let them bust their buns for nothing. The only value in this one would be as advertisement for the quality of your work. But then again, a whole lot more than $250.00 would still have to be spent to get results you could brag about. You and your customer are asking a lot for such little money.
    Oh,and tell them they should lose the tree that is blocking the view of the house.

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