Help me fill in this quote or slogan "We're not the cheapest........."

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by PicturePerfectLawns, Mar 30, 2014.

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    About to pick up a new enclosed trailer. Found a local company that's offering me a non-refusable deal and want to get the decals on there as soon as I get it. I'm looking for a new slogan to put on there. The guys and neighbors all around me have a whole different idea than I do. A few houses down one trailer reads "Cheapest Prices In Town". We're obviously trying to attract total opposite clientele. Looking for a slogan that starts with "We're not the cheapest....." All these people around me are selling lawns for $25.00. While I can mow many lawns for $25.00 all day, I've found my work sells on details and I want to go a different route. If anyone has any unique or good ideas for this slogan I'd love to hear them!

    I want to tell the customers, "Don't sell the year long looks of your lawn for a few bucks."
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    You don't want the word "cheap" on your trailer at all.
    It's a "negative" word that you don't want associated with you - period. It doesn't matter that you're trying to describe "the other guys", use another line of thought - something about your "quality work", or "reasonably priced", or really just about ANYTHING but the word "cheap".

    If you're not the least expensive, the people THOSE guys are attracting aren't going to be interested in you anyway.

    I saw a sign along the road today for some new, lawn monkey - "GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICE!"
    Pfffttt! Good for you - fill your route with $25 cuts. Take all you want because I don't want them.
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    "Picture Perfect Landscapes….The Perfect Price for the Perfect Lawn"

    I had a company called Picture Perfect in 1990.

    And my business card said that on it
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    This sounds like Mr Plow v The Plow King.:)
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    Yeah, never put the word "cheap" on your ads. It makes you look shady.

    Honestly, most people could care less about quality.

    I'd put something like "Call now to ask us how to....blah blah blah." A call to action.
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    If you really just wanna get your neighbor make it say "We are not the cheapest wh0re in town" I think that is what you are searching for.
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    If lawns could talk, they would request Picture Perfect Lawns.

    When Quality and Looks MatterÂ…Call Picture Perfect Lawns
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    I don't know why I was thinking of using the word "Cheap" I learned more than that in school. :hammerhead:

    AW, I appreciate that. I really love that one you just came up with! Thank you again!
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    Quality , not Quantity!
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