help me find out what the crankshaft

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    Can You help me find out what the crankshaft
    size is my hustler z
    model # 927731
    It's got a 23 Kawasaki but the stickers
    has come off so I don't know what model is
    And what year is it
    Thank you
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  2. hustlermidwest

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    Looking in some of the archives of Hustler I found that the 927731 Hustler Z used a 23HP Kawasaki engine FH680V ES09. From there you should be able to contact your local Kawasaki dealer and get the specs on the Crankshaft. Not knowing the serial number of the unit makes it tough to tell you the age but my money would be late fall of 05, early 06.

    Brian O
  3. Doc Pete

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    All my Hustlers have 1" shaft's. It's awfully easy to take off the shaft bolt holding the clutch assembly on. Then, just measure the size. An impact will do it with one hand. Using a wrench may require locking the clutch assembly first.

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