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    This is for a Lazer Z Advantage Series in the 681xxx serial number range. Model for the mower is LAS28KA524

    I'm trying to determine the correct eXmark part # for the wheel (rim only) that takes the 24x12-12 size tire. When I look in the parts manual that I downloaded from eXmark's web site, it says the part is 1-633993. However, in some searches on the web I see some places are listing 1-633992 as the correct part number for the rim that fits the 24x12-12 tire. For example But then if I look at partstree I see this: 103-2744 (replaces 1-633993)
    Wheel (60" & 72")

    Now it gets even more fun. If I go to eXmark's web page and click on the parts lookup I get this part number: 1-633993 Wheel (60” & 72”). [Qty 2]

    This is confusing the heck out of me. I assume exmark changed the part number because if you search exmark's parts site the 1-633993 part is now showing up as a tire, not a wheel. Do they change the part numbers every 5 minutes? LOL

    Here's why I'm asking. The Lazer Z AS I have is the full size Lazer (with 52" deck) just like the regular Lazer Z (this is prior to the 'Next' Lazer Z, I have the older model not the new Next Lazer Z). As far as I can tell the only difference between the model I have and the models with the 60 or 72 inch decks are things like the larger drive tires/rims and a few other very minor details. I want to get the wider rims/tires for the rear. I am buying the 24x12-12 tires from another source pretty close to home. I just need to get the correct part for the rim so if I do order online I'm ordering the right part. Like I said, the part numbers appear to have changed and it's confusing me.

    I can't see any reason why these rims won't fit on my model since mine is a near carbon copy of the models that have the larger decks.....right? I even saw an exmark rep telling another forum member here in the past he could buy the larger rims and put them on his Lazer HP.

    Can someone help me with the part number?

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