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    If a hustler rep monitors this forum please assist.
    I am the owner of a hillsider and a Z and have never found better equipmen EXCEPT..... We bought the Z in August and when we added the backpack we began having hyd. problems, nearlylost it in a lake becase it cant hold its own weight....ROW equipment in raleigh,nc has been excelent and gone out of their way to right the wrong by replacing 2 pumps and 1 wheel motor and adding the cooler and just this week upgrading the pump tension spring, however the unit with or without the bacvac still doesn't have the power it did originally. The loss of power steadily decreases with use, in fact i would estimate that the max speed now forward is about 6mph and reverse is almost non existant ...... ROW has serveced the mower each time and I believe that this is the fifth time we have had it to them for the problem. Our operating conditions are not severe but most of our properties haveinclines and after any operation the machine is uncontrollable on the hills. I know Jim is in contact with the rep and i dont want to step on any toes but I am about at the end of the line with this Z, We are 1.5 hours from ROW and cannot just go immediatly to them when this machine goes down... the trip causes us to lose almost an entire day. I dont know what the answer is...I am just looking for some help. Ryan
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    I had hoped to have an answer for you today. I have the engineer, our service dept., and the dealer all working on this. At this point we do not know what is causing the problem and are trying to isolate that before we offer a solution. Our service department told me they hope to have an answer in the morning. I hope you can hang on a little bit longer. We want to do anything and everything we can to get you up and running. Also, if this problem occured for you we want to find out what it is and take steps to keep it from happening in other machines. Call us in the morning at 1-800-395-4757 and ask for Ken Raney or Homer Gattis.

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