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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Firstclasslawn, Jan 28, 2007.

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    Hey guys, I went through a rough and tuff and expensive divorce that cost me almost everything that I had, ever since my lawn business has been struggling, it seems like without the advertising that I used to have that I just cant get the amount of business that I once had, I need tips and advice, this is my baby and I dont want to lose it or have to give it up, does anyone have any marketing ideas or cheap ways of printing flyers or know of anyway to get some fast easy business, I am out of burleson texas, HELP if you can please, Thanks Toby, First Class Lawn and Landscape
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    I fell for ya - although I can't relate.

    I checked your website and your work looks professional. I hate to break it to ya but fast easy business is hard to come by unless you won the lottery which would make the divorce all the worse.

    Make some cold calls, check with your local real estate companies - any property for you to maintain or keep you on there list to call. NOt easy, not a for sure bet but it is money. Anything else your good at that you can incorparate into biz plan? Power washing, deck cleaning, anything in your area that needs mainatance that home owners don't always like - gutter cleaning!

    Easy way to print flyers - get a good quality printer - use quality paper and start printen your flyers. Maybe a radio ad for a week or to during a few prime spots during the day. I have run a few spots and I sponcer a local events in town or maybe a b-ball game of two rival teams - anything to kee p your name out there.

    A few ideas - if not I hope at least one works or gives you a little motivation again in which direction to go. If you don't mind me asking - how old are you? Any children involved? Sorry Dude!
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    what happened to the customers you had before? Did you lose them in the divorce as well?
  4. Firstclasslawn

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    Hey thanks for the replies, I am 29 years old, I have 2 Boys and my girlfriend has 2 girls, we live together, now as for printing flyers that in itself has proved to be expensive for me and even on the home printer ?? and as to the other guy yes I lost most my account as well in the divorce so in a way I am having to have to start fresh :0( I need help, lmao
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    Not to sound ******** but how does a business lose accounts with a divorce? Does she run a lawncare business too? I suppose if she got 1/2 of all the equipment theoretically she'd get 1/2 the accounts as well. Sorry man.

    ...Guess being single isn't all that bad at the moment... *trucewhiteflag*
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    Go to your remaining coustomers and have them network for you. Offer them insentive to get your foot in the door with there neabors and friends.
    A nice flyer/poster with busness card at all the mower repair shops. Also the place where you buy your mowers and parts, gas, even grocieryes. Dont give them to much information about your busness statice but show your excitment to grow and thank them for there helping you suceceed. If you sucessed they will benifit as well. This is call networking.

    Now for your family/extended family networking. I use rule 85. I use to be in the printing busness and I printed funeral mass cards. I asked how many do you know to print. I was told years ago from a very secuessfull business man that "evryone in ther life knows and comes in contac with 85 people" that could show up at your funeral. Now you have not died but think of the people that care about you and have them net-work for you. Ofering insentive of some type, dont give them the farm. Maybe a free mow, or just a chance to see your face, the kids, spend some time with them. You might be suprized.

    One of the hardest things to do in sales is "Cold calls" that calling on people you dont know. So start out with people that you know. Selling yourself is one of hardest thing to do right. So you must have something to give them and something for them to keep after you have left. All talk from you will only get you in trouble. give some proof your seriours, and to read over later if they say "ill think about it" If done right "Ill think about it" sould be 50% sales.

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