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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by JimLewis, Aug 21, 2013.

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    Anyone know what brand / fixture this is? No manufacturer's name anywhere. Seems to be the same manufacturer who made the transformer too. I found several stickers inside the 600w transformer too. But nothing to indicate what brand it was. I'm hoping someone is already familiar with this [copper] fixture.

    If it helps, there is another clue that I didn't take a photo of. One of the path lights in the set had only half of the top hat. At first I thought it was broken due to damage. But no, it was molded that way. Anyone know who makes path lights like that?

    Here are some pics:




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    It looks a lot like a fixture that Ewing sold under their Landscape Products brand. Most likely a buyout from some other company. I haven't seen them in the local branch so they might have quit selling them.
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    Andy, I think you nailed it. I wonder if Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has those fixtures made just for them or if they buy them from another manufacturer. It explains why there are no brand name markings on it. They're trying to keep everything proprietary, from the looks of their website.
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    They are horrible fixtures. The light is held in place by a small piece of PVC and the wire exits the side.

    Pm lighting is where you want to look. Olps "manu" is the same as pm lighting.
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    That looks like a B&B Lighting... which is/was Bert Bomas.. who USED to own PM Lighting. BB is who supplied product for OLP. Yes, in style, they are pretty much similar to either PM lighting or Coppermoon. Coppermoon is probably better quality if you are looking to replace. They come with a 1/2" thread to fit on ground stakes vs. some of those others which used fins to stabilize and the whole pipe was used as a stake.


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