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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by tplowe56, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. tplowe56

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    Photos of some grass that is popping up in small clumps in one area of my yard. Can someone identify what this is? Hopefully it is something that I can control with Certainty. This yard is in central Minnesota, Minneapolis.

    I have applied pre-emergent twice in this area to suppress crab grass, but still have this stuff.

    Thanks for any help!



  2. 93Chevy

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    Looks like tall fescue?

    Common turf grass, but can be considered a weed in certain situations.

    Unless I'm wrong about it.
  3. tplowe56

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    Thanks! I Googled Tall Fescue & it sure does look like the same grass. Certainty will control Tall Fescue. Thanks for the help. Hopefully someone will confirm your identification.
  4. johnsonslawnmanagement

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    Tall fescue for sure
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  5. ant

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    and k-31.............
  6. Drivefaster35

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    I have had the same problems with some of my lawns. I would suggest spot spracying certainty with a surfactant. You may need to make a second app if you dont see the fescue stressing in a couple weeks. Its better to have to do a second app rather than go to heavy on the first because it will easily discolor stress and/or kill the bluegrass around it. It takes time to weed it out of bluegrass.
  7. tplowe56

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    I am still having huge problems with this grass. I have killed a lot with Certainty and then I reseed in the dead areas. Iam wondering if this grass is coming in with the new seed I use. I was using Scotts Watersmart, but now I am using Pennington Midwest Mix.

    The invasive grass does appear to be Tall Fescue or K-31. But I am wondering if it is one of the varieties listed on this package.

    I'm in Minnesota with irrigation from a lake so I can water a lot when germinating the seeds. Whatever the invasive grass is, it seems to thrive on the excessive watering and grows faster than the favored grasses. It seems to jut keep spreading. I'm wondering if I should try seeding with a straight Kentucky Blue Grass, & if that will grow well in Minnesota.

    Pennington label

  8. Skipster

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    Certainty will work, but watch your label. The label was changed in January 2011 and Kentucky bluegrass use was removed. If you have the older labeled produt, you can use it, but it owuld be illegal to use product with the newer label on Kentucky bluegrass lawns.

    However, Corsair is labeled for use on Kentucky bluegrass and works very well on tall fescue -- remember, it was first sold as TFC (Tall Fescue Control). Corsair is also much cheaper than Certainty. But, be careful, because Corsair also kills perennial ryegrass.

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