Help me I'm stuck in the back yard!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 1grnlwn, Mar 23, 2003.

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    Ok. It's really too early to be dealin with people like this. I picked up a new fert cus last fall. We were doing preem app the other day on her prop. It is old house in city. The lots are long and skinny. Front is 35' x 20'. This is old neighborhood and the houses are about 8 feet apart on one side and share a 14' driveway on the other. I finished front and proceded to the back. The customer was home and the minivan was parked halfway up the drive. As I went around the van a female voice boomed from neighbors window "please don't spread that on my driveway" I stopped and said maam its not on. She said,"please do not use my driveway!" I said, "I am just going around this van" She said ,"don't get on the driveway again" So I went to the back. After finishing, I was wondering, well how will I get back? The other side had a 5' fence and the whole back yard was fenced. If you know me, I am large person and there was about 4" between minivan mirror and cust house. Speader not fitting through there. On the other side of van was about 6" and then parking blocks running lengthwise to mark the property line. I left the spreader in the back and proceeded to tight rope the parking blocks. I fell off on neighbors side when trying to go around cust mirror. I then asked my employee if she could wriggle through on drivers side. She said yes. So I told here I would drive down two blocks and come up alley, and to open the back gate. My wife (who is very polite person) said I should have just walked on the drive again and forgot about it. Well only 5 more apps to go.

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    Next time she opens the window to yell at you. Be polite to her, smile and let one RIP!!!
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    Sounds to me like these neighbors don't like each other to much. and yelling at you is like yelling at her neighbor.

    I used to live at a place that shared the driveway and we had the same problem with our neighbor. What a witch all she needed was a broom :dizzy:
  4. Unreasonable people are just that. Last week it was not letting you on the driveway (wacko). Next week, she'll say that you and your equipment are too big for her little lawn, "Don't you have anything smaller than that big ol' heavy thing?" Mainly because last year a crew of Peruvian's took twice as long, did it for less than half your price, and used old coffee cans for that "hand" touch. She only wants to feel like she's getting her money's worth. I'd have told her that you're either going to have access to her backyard via the driveway, or she can find someone else. Then obviously I'd be loading my stuff and driving to a good customer. Let your competition deal with those psychos.
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    Harry! YOU SIR are correct! I talked to the lady who gave me the referal for this customer and she said there was a big brooHAHA over property line up the drive.

    Bluesteel: Sorry but it's the neighbor who is yellin at me.

    Hey what if I wear my ear protection and say I could not here her? :angel:

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    Who cares what she says? If you have to go on her driveway to get out, tough luck for her. Whats she gonna do? Call the cops? Not likely. And if she did, what would they do? By the time they actually got there, you would be long gone. And do you think the cops would even try to pursue it? Heck no.
    Just wear ear protection, you didnt hear a thing. :D

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    That is rediculous! I would've just ignored her and gone the same way.

    I mean, what harm would it have caused besides damaging her ego? Some people just need a swift kick in the arse as a reminder that we live in a society.
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    I have ZERO patience or sympathy for irrational people! So after the first polite explanation that the spreader wasn't on, I would have ignored anything else she had to say!
    Especially, now knowing that her neighbor/your customer doesn't like her.

    Maybe her husabnd takes her ****, but not me!
  9. brucec32

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    This is why I live further out than I want to on 2 acres in the country. America is full of ###holes today who can't or won't go along and get along. The majority of my customers who live in tightly packed neighborhoods have some sort of resentment or feuds going with their neighbors. I find big rocks in one lawn where the neighbor keeps throwing them over. Another one used to toss his cigarette butts and dog poop onto the lawn to annoy his neighbor, all because she asked that he not overseed his Bermuda with Rye onto her property.

    I think a lot of this fighting and bitchin' is a product of Americans living lives they hate because they feel they have to to "live the dream". I reject the typical American lifestyle of wealth-displays, materialism, and job-oriented life. It's a huge bore.

    With each passing year I wonder more and more if Americans deserve what they have. A huge percentage strike me as being the types I just can't like or respect.
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    your right, this day and age, many folk are like that.I'f it was me, and the neibor to the customer came out and started screaming at me, I'd just reply, hey, it's not my problem and do the work. And with an account like that, I would want to be paid more for the headach I'd go through. Here in Utah, People here for the most part are really nice,tightwads, but nice. someone yelling at you isn't something to get stressed over, just pretend that the other person just got out of the syco ward at the local mental institution and they ran out of there medication. that what i do.

    Richard Coffman/Owner:D

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