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Discussion in 'Tree Service Equipment' started by PTSolutions, Oct 24, 2013.

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    So I'm in the market for a chipper in the 12-14" capacity. I have no leanings towards any mfg. I have only used bc1000's in a rental capacity and it worked well for what we did.

    Scope of work:
    I will only be chipping evergreens and softwoods. Any maple, oak, locust, ash, etc... we process for firewood. So only the smaller branches, i.e. under 6" would be chipped. Any evergreen or soft wood from 12/14 up to 20" or so I can either take to my buddy who makes mulch to chip or can take it to my local processing yard for free.

    I have no idea as far as disc vs. drum which would work better for our situation. Towing weight wouldnt be a concern. This would be chipping into a 26k truck or 1 ton dumps.

    Like I said, I've only had experience with the vermeers but I have read lots of problems with the early cat/perkins motors. though the perkins in my asv has been great.

    Thanks for any advice!
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    If you are looking for economy and low maintenance then a drum chipper will do in your situation. The Woodchuck and Asplundh 16" drum with a 300 six cyl. ford engine has enough power and won't stress a ton truck. A Woodchuck WC17 is a good choice for a light disk chipper.
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    We had a Woodchuck WC17 for about 2 years. Very capable chipper. Would slowly but surely eat 12-14 inch logs with considerable ease. Lightweight and easy to work on. We switched to a morbark 2400 xl hurricane. with a 24 inch capacity. whatever you get, if you're gonna be chipping logs you better have a winch or a bobcat or strong workers and a good workmans comp policy either way watch your back.

    the difference in the chippers was about 4-5 thousand dollars for the 6 in line ford disc chipper to 24thousand dollars for the hurricane

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