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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by MrC, Jun 19, 2009.

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    I know there are a lot of newbies on this forum, but do you think anyone's taking you seriously? You're a "homeowner" giving advice on a forum with mostly professionals. Do you think people are going to go buy kelp because you read it helped with stress and are going to use it before summer?

    You just kicked him over the internet....
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    I got the Ringer at a local garden center.
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    Did you bother to read the whole document or just the part that was quoted? Here's an excerpt from that very same document, which I have read before.

    You can find more positive and negative opinions from independent sources. Nothing concrete but shows promise.

    You seem to be one of the people that use compost tea on here. You might be interested to read what she has written about it. She wrote 4 articles about the myth of compost tea. compost tea myth I (pesticides), compost tea myth II (disease), another myth of compost tea and disease, along with the EPA's statement on compost tea, and the most recent compost tea myth article
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    Officer Natty is back on the beat I see!
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    Well here’s my 2 cent’s. I believe the quickest and cheapest way to start an “organic” lawn fertilization program is… start using a mulching mower. Next stop putting down synthetic chemicals. Try to use a more natural approach to control pests and provide nutrients to the soil. Notice the word soil! In order to create a healthy lawn you need healthy soil. It’s very simple, you apply compost, lava sand, green sand, corn meal, dried molasses, “organic” fertilizers. There are no rules on this matter just simply quite using chemicals. When you add organic matter to the soil you activate the little guys that live there, like the worms. If you make the worms happy they poop more and we all know worm poop is good. I don’t choose any one brand, I try to mix it up a bit by trying different brand products and my lawn is beautiful. It’s simple, fun and safe. :clapping:

    Oh. My favorite part is when I apply the horticultural corn meal my 3 year helps and it’s a blast. She ends up wearing most of it on her clothes… good times. If it where chemicals we would not enjoy our company the same way.
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    Where did I say I didn't have experience with the products? At least get it right. I said I never used the program but I used one of the products in the program, the Microbial Soil Conditioner. Two of the steps in Organica's program were basically CGM with some bacteria added. The same bacteria that are in the product I used.

    Turns out I used another one of their products, Bio-Matrix and I just bought some more.

    Hmm... what else did I recommend? Milk. I used it this year along with cornmeal. I'm the only lawn on the block without red thread.

    Your friend keeps pestering me when I don't quote all my sources because this is such a high level forum and only verified statements must be made, unless they come from a sponsor.

    Did everyone forget that the whole reason I posted in the first place was because someone misinterpreted the contents? I'm supposed to provide references to "peer reviewed" publications but it's ok if someone doesn't even read the label correctly?
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    That's enough wannabe
    Thank you for participating
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    Longblade, thanks for bringing the post back on topic. I'll look into your list of fertilizers. I'm all about keeping it simple and fun.
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    That is pretty much the most sensible route. :)
    During the transition - here in the North - we can use synthetic once a year as a low maintenance, as we get the nutrient cycle started. That important time is in the fall.

    When is it in Texas?
  10. MrC

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    When/what synthetic do you recommend in NJ?

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