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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by MrC, Jun 19, 2009.

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    I want fresh N/protein because it helps the roots grow , feeds the herd, and thickens the lawn while growing conditions are ideal. Being the roots on my lawn are over eight inches long in clay early spring N does not seem to be inhibiting growth. It is OK that we do not agree.
  2. Smallaxe

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    Can't argue with success. :)
  3. Grohorganic

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    this is the one thing i can really get behind at this time......

    bill growing wannabe, I will buy you guys a plane ticket to come down for the cage match, winner takes all. ROFL. with respect.:laugh:
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    I used to use Ringer Lawn Restore when it was available in my area at my old home. Cheapo Depot used to carry it and it was reasonable priced. I used it along with some synthetic each year on my old house. I had a very nice lawn.

    At my new home I did the same thing. Then A couple years ago I switched over to Nutrients Plus organic. A local landscape designer I met online here carries it. I have had some soil samples taken and he customizes a program for me. I drop by and pick up enough for the following year. I have also had to ammend the soil with some calcitic lime to bring up the ph.

    Myself I cant be bothered to digest all the different opinions on what is happening to the soil. I am not a soil scientist and everyone here will tell you to spread compost, use compost tea, etc I think you just want to add organic matter, have some patients, do a soil sample. If you choose an organic fertilzer, cut high and water properly you have half the battle won.
    I also spot spray any weeds as needed but dont have much of an issue since the turf is nice and thick.

    I have a sandy loam base when I built the house. I just want to spread something which will work, cut the lawn high, water enough and take a soil sample once a year. I dont mulch my clippings since I have enough debris draged into my house by the dog, so I just compost the clippings and use them in other projects when I make more beds for shrubs etc.

    To me this isnt rocket science, use some common sence and realize it may take some time if you have poor soil.

    Conversly you can have some lawn service screw everything up. One neighbor has chem lawn fertilize theirs, it looks OK but burns up come July.
    Another has "Bubba's" lawn service come in and mow, too cheap to fertilize. Lawn was very nice a few years ago before they moved in, prior people fertilized and mowed properly. Bubba cuts at about 2" and has scalped it to death. They dont fertilize nor water, so now the lawn is all clover, plantain, and crab grass.
  5. phasthound

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    Sounds like you've got it nailed. :)
    Keeping a lawn green and healthy and environmentally sane really isn't as hard as we make it sound. There is no need to follow doctrine, just some good common sense with some understanding of how plants grow will work wonders. :waving:
  6. MrC

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    thanks for the input!!!
    I've been cutting high leaving the blades 3 1/2" , mulching the clippings, and watering once a week with a minimum of 1". Unfortunately, my lawn is browning up a bit. Is there anything I can do/add. The guy at the local nursery said that seaweed can't hurt and may possibly green it up. I thought about adding milorganite but am concerned about the smell.
  7. roccon31

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    dont be afraid of the smell of milorganite, it is great stuff and does not really smell after a couple days. your lawn will be green most of the winter if you do apply it in the fall.

    other than that, i would aerate it since we had so much rain this spring, even my lawn was turning yellow and i aerated last fall, and spread seaweed this spring. since the rain has stopped, my lawn has greened back up, and looks good again.
  8. ICT Bill

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    I was hang'n with Barry today in NJ, he brought up a great point about kelp and how useful it is with heat stress on turf this time of year as it get hotter and dryer

    His suggestion was spray at a 3 gallon per 1000 (water) rate with NPP and kelp mixed, the NPP helps with water retention (natural polymer) and the kelp helps with heat stress
  9. MrC

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    Unfortunately as a homeowner i don't have access to kelp products like yours locally. The closest thing I found was Kelp Booster from Organica. Would that work? Hopefully that doesn't stir up a debate.
  10. Prolawnservice

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    Just buy a gallon and use it till you run out. Its available from barry or I'm sure several other mail order places.

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