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  1. up for bid is an apartment complex with the following specs:

    2.1 acres of turf
    weekly from march 1st to november 1st

    3 miles of trimming

    600 shrubs of assorted different sizes none needing a ladder but all are on fronts of building so clipping will have to be bundled up and drug to truck clipped 3 times a year.

    blowing parking lots down, seven lots

    weed control in beds

    leaf removal 2 times

    470 yards of mulch, spring and fall

    areration, spring and fall, trying to talk them to oncea year

    overseed twice a year

    72 annuals, spring and fall

    some small tree trimming for low branches

    what kind price would you guys put on this.

    all building fronts will be done with a walker along with the pruning pick-ups. backs and side will be done with a 60".

    thanks for the help!
  2. BravesFan

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    Is that 3 miles of trimming cumulative for the year...or each week?

  3. BravesFan

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    This isn't the type of job I want. You'll be outbid by some large LCO paying $5.50 an hour to it's workers. They will probably bid manhours at $20 or slightly less.

    Pick and choose your battles. Apartment complexes are on my list of least desireable customers.


    TURF DOCTOR LawnSite Silver Member
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    You said it. Plus are you insured.
  5. no thats each week of trimming bravesfan.

    what they have now is a franchised lco (u.s. lawns) doing it, they have not been happy at all.

    turf doactor i had insuringce before i had my business lic. i've been insured from day one against everything that my agent could think of. my equipment, my people, my trucks, my trailers, general liability all taken care of.

    but anyways what kind of price?
  6. Cutters Lawn Care

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    what kind of mulch
  7. J Hisch

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    470 yds of mulch? is that correct?

    if so at 50.00 per yd. install is 23,500.00 times 2 = 47,000 in mulch
    you may need to do that cheap, becasue someone will. mowing I would charge about 175.00-225.00 with out seeing that would include trimming blowing. I figure to service weekly it would be about 2.5 hrs week for two man crew. shrubs 1200-1500 per time. Need to kknow sqft on bed inorder to give idea on weed control. annuals at 72 plants or flats? if by plants then 120.00 2.00 per plant. Also muclh may be higher if compact tractor or blower turck couldnt be used. These are merely off the cuff so please dont take these figures for sure. I am probably on the high end for mowing and low end for other services.
  8. BravesFan

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    My take is you're between 1300-1400 man hours for the year. The mulch jobs and 600 shrubs are the biggest tasks....I'm guessing slightly over 450 man hours for each of those.

    Like I said, someone paying workers $5.50 an hour will get this. You figure they got $7500 to 8500 tied up in wages and another 12K tied up in materials(mostly the 940 yards of mulch). They are figuring $20K in expenses for the workers comp, insurance, wear and tear on machines, gas, etc. They are probably turning a profit after 25K...give or take...guess it depends on workers comp. rates in their state...and just how legit of an operation they run.

    I don't know the size of your operation...but if you're going to be doing much of the work can see it's an uphill battle to make money on these jobs....and compete with the lowballers.

    I have two guys that work for me and I pay them alot more than $5.50...esp. since I do so much specialty work. i would probably bid $75K...actually I take that back...I wouldn't even bid since it would be a waste of everyone's time.

    Not trying to knock the gig. It's just hard to make out well on these sorts of operations. If you're a big company and have these types of operations down to a science...I'm sure you might make out like a bandit doing volume. But my guess..if you're asking on for help with pricing, you may get raked over the coals if you aren't careful.

    Again..certainly no disrespect to you. I don't know you or the size of your operation..just my quick .02.

  9. DennisF

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    I have 300 hours for the shrub trimming alone. Allowing 10 minutes per shrub including clean-up is 6 shrubs per hour. That's 100 hours X 3 trimmings = 300 hours. I charge $40 per hour for hedge and shrub trimming ( that's all I can get here in FL) so the shrub work alone is 300 X $40 or $12,000 give or take. I don't think you'll be able to bid low enough to get the job unless you have some low wage workers on your payroll. Some of the larger companies here in Florida can bid large jobs like these at less than $20 per hour since they use low wage ( legal and illegal) workers. I'm not trying to bust your bubble, but I wouldn't waste my time trying to come up with a bid. These kinds of jobs usually go to large operations with many workers.
  10. workaholic

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    I dont know how long you have been in business or your experence level but I would have to say becareful in what you bid on sometimes bigger isnt always betterif its just an opinion you want from other lco ok. If you are really not sure if your bid is right then maybe its best to stay away from it. just my veiw...

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