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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by AndrewLawn, Jun 16, 2001.

  1. AndrewLawn

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    lol,business isn't great and I got a job at subway so that by next season I'll have enough to maybe buy a zero turn commercial mower and 36" walk behind and other nice new equipment.Anyone wanna wish me luck:p ?hell,it's hard being 15 and losing your summer to work.I worked 40 hours this week at subway,and still maintained my 7 lawns.It feels like I have no free time,for being summer at least,it's still less hectic than the school year...and you know what,im still as broke as a joke when it comes to my "goals" for next year.Anyway,looking for some sympathy thats life is harder than most other 15 year olds,I have no time for socializing either...I just barely had time to attend a pool party the other day(lots of hot chicks there).schools pretty important to me,and so is my lawnmowing thing,but having friends is the most important,and I feel like I'm losing that because of my hectic schedule.alright,well I've blabbed long enough,sorry,i just cant make enough money to get this lawnmowing thing started professionally,anyone wanna send me some,my address is 4531 sout....just kidding.
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    If you can get 5-10 more weekly lawns you'll be making more than you are at Subway and you'll have more free time. Don't obsess about getting a Z you can make it work with what you have or buy a comm mower you can actually afford. Adverise, do good work. They will come.
  3. script

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    It's great to have so much ambitiion at 15, and I would never be one to say slow down, but being so young you have to remember not to let things get you down. With your drive and outlook it will all come together for you, but I would say to try and enjoy these years of your life, because you're only young once. Stick to your business plan and try to squeeze some time in there with some friends. Good Luck.

  4. grassyfras

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    I think you should get a belt walkbehind mower. Dont get hydro you dont have enoguh accounts or money i think. I say you should get more accounts and then you wil be making more then at your other job. Also, Im 15 and I have 14 accounts and plenty of free time. Thanks to exmark. And make the most out of probbably my whole class at high school. Times will get better. maybe you should get a mower with an easy buy program.
  5. Craig Turf Management

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    You are 15 years old. Do you have so much debt that you have to work so many hours in a week? Take this time to enjoy your life. Spend the hours of your life wisely. I would suggest working one job or the other, or mow some lawns and not so many hours making sandwiches. I offer this advie to everyone on this forum. Enjoy your life, spend some time with the ones that you love, and have fun.

    Take care, Bill Craig
  6. kris

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  7. Charles

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    Work parttime, stay in school, practice safe sex and alot of it :), concentrate on making good grades and going to college,, have fun, enjoy your youth because while you can and quit worrying! You will do plenty of that when you reach 40. You work to live, not live to work.
    This country is all hung up on material things and how much of that you can get. But true happiness is love and family and friends and making a decent living leaving time for all the above
  8. Toroguy

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    There are two conflicting points of view to consider here.

    To enjoy your youth and time with friends?

    Or get a jump on a potential lifetime career?

    I took the path of having fun, socializing with friends, chasing girls, listening to ZZ Top. I had a heck of a time! I do wish I would have been more serious about my future when I was in my teens. It is a perfect time to take great strides towards goals (Not paying rent can do a financial plan good).

    Andrew is far ahead of my "juvenile" reasoning when I was his age. My advice for him is to try and balance fun with planning goals. Be patient, work on your goal daily, and it will come.
  9. Eric ELM

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    Talk your boss into letting you wrap all those subs in a flyer of yours. :laugh:

    Good luck, I hope you do good. :)
  10. jjfehr

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    I'm not sure of the equipment that you own, but since you can't service 100 accounts all season long because of your school schedule, might I suggest that you maintain the few that you have and market the hell out of other services: aerating, lawn rolling, spring/fall clean ups. Not only are these services great money makers, but they are more compatable with your school schedule. You can schedule one ore two of these service/ day while you are still in school and still have plenty of time to maintain your seven accounts. Another possible option is; if your school has a program like mine did, where you can earn credits for working. I don't know the specifics of the program, but the students were in school half of the day, and the other half they worked earning skills, money, and school credits!

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