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    We have a 40+ year Oak in our front lawn. It's about time to pull it down and start with something new. We have a beautiful front Zoysia lawn I would love to find a tree along the lines of something "beautiful" and that will grow straight up and provide ample sun light for the lawn over the years. We love the Oak, but it's just shading the lawn so much, I'm constantly waiting for the right time of the year to prune some more off of it. The roots have grown all the way across the lawn and are now colliding with the driveway, sidewalk, house, and fence line. Don't get fooled, the tree is planted right in the middle of 2,200 square feet, but it's grown enough to where the roots are spreading over the 2,000 feet into everything. I want to replace it with something that will grow tall, straight up, and beautiful. Any suggestions?
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    Removing the tree sooner than later would be a great idea. Remember the root system is 3 times the canopy of your tree. I would suggest contacting your local coop ext. office for a list of suggested species for your particular needs.
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    Something like a magnolia would be a nice showcase tree for your front lawn. Although not being from texas i don't know the growing conditions.
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    Deodar cedars are nice. The weeping ones are spectacular if you like that sort of thing.

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