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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MesaLawn, May 7, 2009.

  1. MesaLawn

    MesaLawn LawnSite Member
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    I've got it down to 4 different models:
    Quickie 32 Super Fox 13.5HP Briggs
    Quickie 32 Ninja 15HP Kawasaki
    Quick 36 Super Fox 13.5HP Briggs
    Quick 36 Ninja 15HP Kawasaki

    Is the 15HP Kawasaki KAI worth $300 more than the 13.5 Briggs ELS?
    Haven't read anything bad about the Kawasaki other than the muffer might get in the way going under obstacles. The Briggs might have more vibration. I assume Kawasaki is the better engine, for long life reliability, so I'm leaning in that direction for only $300 more. Is one much louder than the other?

    32" vs 36" for $100 more?
    Don't have any gates to worry about. During the mowing season would be kept in garage, but in the winter might be nice to store in walkout basement. But only the 32" would fit through that 36" door.
    The 32" is narrower but longer, due to the 2 blade vs 3 blade configuration.
    Any issues with 2 vs 3 blades?
    Would the 36" cut noticably faster?
    Do they both manuver about the same?
    Any maintenance issues / costs with one vs the other?
    I'm leaning towards the 32" since I've only used 21" and it could fit in the basement, however I can't help thinking bigger is better for only $100 more.

    OK, this is for personal home owner use. Have a somewhat hilly 1/2 acre lot, with typical obstacles. Currently using a 21" Lawnboy Insight 10687. But getting a little tired of the 2 1/2+ hr mow time. Looking to move up to a real mower. Do have one small area (10'W x 20'L) with a 45deg slope. My Lawnboy can't get up it without lots of muscle. I assume the Quick will be able to climb a steep hill?

    Hoping the Quick will last a long time with minimal problems. Don't need electric start, and dually out of my budget. I assume these Quicks are a step up from the Cub Cadet 33" WB at Home Depot.

    Any help picking which Quick model would be appreciated, don't want to miss the current sale prices. - Thanks!
  2. Please_Be_Green

    Please_Be_Green LawnSite Member
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    I'd say out of your selection go with with 36 Ninja 15HP KAI

    Definitely 36 over 32... Personally KAI over B&S..

    I lowered my 1 hour 15 min cut time down to 30 minutes with m 36".... and I already wish I had spent the extra money on the 44" dually during the crazy winter sale they had...

    From one home owner to another, you will not be disappointed by this machine.
  3. HighFiveBassin

    HighFiveBassin LawnSite Member
    from VA
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    As a homeowner who recently bought a Quick 36 with a Kawasaki engine I will give you my reasons for picking the Kawasaki. It has more power althought maybe not necessary and with the twin cylinders I assumed it would be a little smoother. The main reason though is if I went to sell the mower down the road the Kawasaki would widen the market as this seems to be the preferred engine for the lawn guys. By using it just for your own lawn you will have relatively low hours for a commercial engine even if you keep it many years and you will probably get back the extra $300 you paid. I would also opt for the 36" even though the 32 would go in your basement. You don't want to spend this much for a mower and then be thinking that you wished you had gotten the 36. Just my opinions.
  4. DA Quality Lawn & YS

    DA Quality Lawn & YS LawnSite Fanatic
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    I agree with above, if you can store it, the Quick 36 with 15HP Kaw. The engine is a beast on this machine, I know I have this machine and use it commercially. It stripes awesome, and maint. on the machine is pretty simple. Best purchase for my business I have made so far.
  5. MesaLawn

    MesaLawn LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the replies guys.

    So the 15HP Kawasaki seems 100% definite, and you've now got me strongly leaning towards the 36". It would just stay in the garage year round.

    So does anybody like the 32" machine better than the 36"?
    Two 16 1/4" blades vs three 12 3/8" blades.
    My yard has no fence/gates so the 36" would fit everywhere.
  6. chuckcintron

    chuckcintron LawnSite Member
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    I have the same exact question: 32" with two blades versus 36" with three blades.

    The difference in cutting width is 12%, so if it takes 60 minutes to mow with the 32" it would take about 53 minutes with the 36" machine.

    So, is that kind of time savings worth the added cost and complexity of a three blade mower versus a two blade mower? Or is there something else about the 36" that would make it a clear winner over the 32" machine?

    Personally, I'm leaning toward the 32" mower with the Kawasaki engine...but was wondering what would compel me to go for the 36" (?) Homeowner application...not commercial...
  7. LarryF

    LarryF LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Sounds like you have already decided on the Kawasaki, but another thing in it's favor that I found before I bought mine is that the Briggs engine had gotten some complaints of smoking when used on hills, but the Kawasaki had not. Don't know if you have any hills, but I do and that's what make me decide. But I also spent the extra $200 for the Samurai, because I thought the electric start and the hour meter were worth it. I have no immediate plans to install lights on mine, but should I ever want to, that's easy to do if the battery and generator are already on the machine.

    But whatever BOP mower you get, I'm sure you'll be pleased with it. By the way, I consider these BOPs to be a commercial mowers, and although some ridicule the idea of a homeowner spending extra bucks for a commercial one, my experience has been good. Back in the 1960s I bought a self-propelled Bobcat walk-behind and just sold it a little over a year ago when I bought my BOP. And I sold it for about half or what it cost me 40+ years ago.
  8. MesaLawn

    MesaLawn LawnSite Member
    Messages: 39

    Yes, would like to hear more about 2 vs 3 blades. There could be time savings with the larger 36", but may not be as manuverable? Maintenance differences with the more complex 3 spindle system?

    Not sure if they use the same spindle. Perhaps 3 smaller blades over 3 spindles would hold up better that two larger blades on same type spindle.

    The sweeping of deck geometer appears different, would one offer better multching? Is quality of cut the same?

    Having a real hard time convincing the wife I need a new +2K mower. So I'm going to skip the electric start. Not sure if I need the multching kit and gator blades to start. Don't need the step-saver, but that sure would make mowing much more fun.
  9. Please_Be_Green

    Please_Be_Green LawnSite Member
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    Can't comment on the 2 vs 3 blades cut quality...

    However I can say that last night I cut my lawn, 4 day's worth of growth, inside a few hour window where it actually stopped raining after 4 straight days. Took off an inch+ of very wet grass and I thought the Quick 36" 16hp did an amazing job. I didn't scrape under the deck while I was cutting the entire yard, but did scrape afterwards... Next time I cut in these conditions I'll scrape twice and see if it makes a difference, but I was extremely pleased with the cut. Did go a little slower than dry grass cut.

    Cut the entire yard in 40 minutes... If I were cutting in those conditions with the 21" Snapper, would have had to absolutely bag and it would have been a 2 hour job.

    I think it's been the best investment of time I've ever made on a piece of outdoor equipment.

    I'll also mention is stripes well on it's own and my wife comments on how good the lawn looks. My wife also enjoys that we have the best looking property on the block even though everyone else sub's the work out.
  10. HighFiveBassin

    HighFiveBassin LawnSite Member
    from VA
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    If you would only put the 32 in your basement in the off season does having it out of your garage for 4 months or so really matter. Maybe so if it means you can then put a car in the garage out of the snow and ice. Only you can decide this. I would think the 36 is as manuverable if not more so since it is shorter in length. The 32 looks kind of funky with one caster wheel forward of the other but then again what does looks matter. I doubt one design would be any more maintenance free then the other. Well, the sun is finally out a little, the wind is blowing and the grass is almost dry so I'm going to go out and fire up the Quick before it rains again. Good luck with your decision.

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