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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by KINGjosh, May 20, 2006.

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    Lesco wb 17hp kawi This unit is going on 2 years old it only has about 196 hours on it.

    Someone please drop some knowledge on me before Monday. Thanks in advance
    Alright, Friday I was mowing and the gas line on my mower got caught on a child's swing, which then snapped the little nipple in the fuel pump. So I change the fuel pump with a Briggs and straton pump instead because I could not wait for the kawi part to come in. They said it was the same thing. So I put the fuel pump on and now my blades wont engage. When I go to pull the PTO switch to start turning the blades my mower bogs down and engine dies. It seems as if the clutch is stuck or something.

    question 1, this isn't related to my fuel pump is it?
    question 2, does this mean I will have to replace the whole clutch or simply maybe knock it around and get it loose or something
    Last question, are clutches more or less compatible or what? Because if the Lesco place has to order it, then I'de just rather go to a dealer who has it in stock for another mower, because I heard that scags are similar in parts?
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    1. I would say not, I put the same pump on my magnum 18 when the mechanical pump went out, Only because it was in the unit in my avatar which required engine removal to replace.

    2. I would suggest checking your blade spindles and idler pulleys and make sure one of them is not locked up.

    3. The electrical part of most clutches are the same, What you need to look at is the crankshaft size (bore), Pulley diameter, Over all height of the replacement clutch and the distance from the back plate of the clutch to the center of the pulley where the belt rides.

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    Sounds like grass clippings under the deck or something lodge under the deck.
  4. JJ Lawn

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    Sounds to me like it is not getting enough gas......
  5. Tech man

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    Make sure that when your hose got caught it didnt catch any wiring too.
  6. KINGjosh

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    Sunday morining I got started on it and found one of the operater detection plugs got pulled out. I would have never checked it, if I wound't have stopped here first. If i learned anything, it not to plow straight threw a swing set!
    Much respect to the mechanics on this board, you all help us out more than you know!

    Keep it real,

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    whoo rahh,mowing in the morning

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