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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by rowdyz92, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. foreplease

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    That is hard to believe. By the time you subtract out a modest house, driveway and/or sidewalk you're talking about 5,000 square feet of grass. There are some guys on here who would fertilize and spray a yard that size TWICE for $45.

    Keep in mind the lady you have the $75 quote to may not have been telling you the truth about the other guy.

    Advice/opinion: I don't think it is smart or considerate to post identifying information about a customer's home on lawnsite. A couple pictures are fine, even the a aerial shot is ok, but showing the full address crosses the line IMO. If I were that homeowner and found this I would be hot whether you got the job or not.
  2. 32vld

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    I would of bid $90 for a 1.4 acre property.

    I did the gopher site and it came up with $95.

    Many a time a customer claimed a ridiculously low price to which I would ask why is their old LCO not doing you this year. Their response has been he has not gotten back to me this year.

    Which means that the old LCO's schedule got filled and he dropped them, or at that price there was not enough profit and he is out of business.

    So I then tell the customer at that price I would lose money on the job. No wonder your old LCO is not around he went out of business with those prices.

    Remember: you are winning every bid then your prices are to low.
  3. Chuck Norris

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    Amen brother Bill....I have made that mistake before and will not ever make it again!!!
  4. JBradshaw00

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    I would have went $65 every 7 days
  5. CowboysLawnCareDelaware

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    Once people get smart with me I give it right back to them. Something along the lines of, Mam, how expensive was your house and why do you need a new lco? Is he doing a bad job or did he quit because he's not making a dime off you?

    Should we all send hate mail to the address? with no return label of course.

  6. PenningsLandscaping

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    75 is spot on IMHO, maybr even a little low. I mow .25 acre lots for around $30 usually. Depends on multiple factors. Everyone has different expenses, but her old lco definitely just stopped showing up. 50 is way too low for that much land.

    Lawns that big are a pain by yourself, and this woman is just trying to find a sucker to mow it for less than her already very reasonable price. Glad to see you have the strength to say no this early on. Not a lot of guys do, I certainly didnt. Only said no once my first year when a guy wanted the worst clean up I've ever seen done, and he needed it done by the following weekend. I said 900, he said that's too much, I said its probably not enough and walked back to my truck. The dump bill alone would have been over $100. Dillusional.
  7. PK Mows

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    I curious about what man hour prices people are charging to do 1.4 acres at $65-75. I'd be in the $100-110 weekly and $120-125 bi-weekly.
  8. mclarke

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    I would need to know the square footage to tell ya what is charged around here, but I see a lot of companies start charging at .004 per square foot. Sorry I just worked 12 hours over night so... I am too tired to do math.
  9. Chuck Norris

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    How do they go about finding their price per sq ft???
  10. mclarke

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    There are a couple of ways. Some towns (not all) have a database via the county or city website that will list the size of properties (I forget where, but I believe it was under some public tax records or land value reports).

    In addition, you can ask the customer if they know the size of their property. The other method is to walk the property with a walking tape measure. The formula for conversion escapes me at the moment, but has something to do with taking the North/South and East/West property lines and adding them up.
    A cheat calculator.

    If the property lines are not even you can always round it to the best square possible for a easy cheat. Might lose a few bucks, but its kind of a self-decision you need to make at that time.

    However, in the event I misread your question and you meant how did I find out the companies pricing I took their quote from the website and its corresponding package and used a calculator. For a 5000 sq ft property they wanted 20.00... .004 x 5000 = 20.

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