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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by trook, May 3, 2011.

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    I live in a nice college town neighborhood in Mississippi. When my neighborhood was initially plotted, in order for contractors to see lots, they were marked by driving metal fence posts about 2 ft into the ground. Last week, I used my tractor FEL to pull out a post for a neighbor. To my surprise, the post was really tough to pull and definitely needed a tractor with a FEL. That explains why many other fence posts are still there, and they will probably need a FEL on a tractor to pull them out. I am considering passing out flyers to advertise that I will pull out the posts for a fee, but I am not sure of what to charge. That is where I need your help.

    I know this task will only take about 5 min per post, but the job will require a tractor. Further, the average house in this neighborhood is valued around $250,000 and they are proud of their nice manicured lawns. For example, many of the people in this neighborhood use professional landscape companies to maintain their 1/4 acre yards for $50 per cut. For many homeowners, I believe that a metal fence post in their front yard is an eyesore they would be happy to eliminate for a reasonable fee.

    The goal would be to pull as many posts as possible while I have my tractor at my house instead of at the farm. This area of the neighborhood consists of approximately 100 homes. Probably 1/4 of them still have posts in their yards. What fee should I mark on the flyers? $20? $25?
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    What fee should I mark on the flyers? $20? $25?

    How bout

    I will be in your area on,, June 1st thru June 3rd,, and will remove post in this area for $50.00
    If groups are to be done,, the will get 20% off of their group of 5 or more per post. = $40.
    Or I'll be on such street on such day,,,, If done that day,, $35.,00 Price just to come later after date,, is $75.
  3. Runner

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    50 bucks is way too steep. 20-25 bucks sounds good. You take the poles (scrap). Are these round poles, or T-posts?
  4. TuffWork

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    Before reading the other posts my knee jerk reaction was $50 ea. That's what I usually do to grind small stumps that will only take 10 min. or so. Just Mon. we grinded one for $50 and my helper timed me just outta curiousity. It took 9 min. The customer was happy with the price because it costs over $100 just to rent a stump grinder for a day.

    Furthermore, most people in that area have probably given up on the possibility of getting those posts out. $50 sounds like a deal to do the impossible.
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    $50 minimum. It takes a tractor to pull them out so.... Who has one in that neighborhood? You. It cost a lot to run and move equipment. You'll be there at least 30 min. working and bs'ing. They will pay. It's nothing to them.
  6. topsites

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    I wouldn't waste their time, if you put out fliers to every house in that neighborhood I dare say
    you'd be lucky if you get ONE call out of it and then it likely wouldn't be your kind of customer.

    Moral of the story: Just because it looks like it needs doing doesn't mean people want it done.
  7. weeze

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    got that right...people are weird...i had a very nice house that paid me $150 to mow the grass but they didn't even care if i trimmed or not lol...i did it anyway because i can't stand that when people mow and don't trim around trees and such
  8. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    If its a T post they make a puller to pull them no need of a tractor

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